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As we live in the internet world, more and more people turn to online business or find online employment. People use social media to promote their products and services, and this new marketing method has been proven to be effective.

In addition to social media, people now try to create website to promote their business. However, not all of us know how to create website. They tend to think that it is too difficult to create website and only a professional programmar can create website. As an alternative, many prefer using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to spread information on their business.

One day, my friend suggested to her cousin that she try to create website to promote her service as a translator and a data entry staff. But her cousin responded: “What?Are you kidding? I can’t create website and I don’t know anything about how to create website”. Well, see? Limited internet knowledge discourages people from making their own website.
For those with a high budget, a website builder can be one of the best alternatives. It may be easy to find website builder but how do we know that website builder we buy is the BEST of the BEST? Website builder is the most common tool used to create website but not all of us are familiar with such a product. Some products are probably good, but not user friendly. The more expensive, the better the quality? Who can guarantee this?

For those with limited or no internet knowledge, website builder is more than just difficult. Sometimes they can’t understand the instructions as only a web developer understands it. Then, we are back where we started. Hire a professional web designer? If you have money, yes, what if there is not much of a budget?

However, now there is a solution for those with no website skills and limited budget, but still want to build their own site. Here is my other story: My friend, who is a full time housewife, loves to create crafts. But she didn’t know how to promote it. Some suggested that she create website, but she refused the idea because she had no internet skills. But, she came across some information on a user-friendly website builder. At first, she didn’t want to try, but her husband’s friend convinced her. Then? My friend was amazed to see that she COULD create website like a professional . It is really WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) product. She now can create website easily using this website builder as this is a user friendly product. Everyone can use it, no matter whether they are internet newbies or professional web developers. Even her 10-year old son can use this program within 20 minutes!

You might be asking: Is it true? The answer is YES. BlueVoda website builder is an exceptional website builder which changes people’s mindset about making a website. If people used to think that they can’t create website because they didn’t have skills in making website, BlueVoda proves that WE ALL CAN CREATE WEBSITE. From internet beginners to experts, they can make websites as they wish. BlueVoda is made for everyone, and nothing is impossible with BlueVoda.

You think that you can’t understand how to use a website builder you just bought? With BlueVoda website builder, you will find out that you can easily understand the instructions. Don’t be surprised to hear that even kids can follow the tutorials very easily. You can watch the tutorials and follow the steps and stages there. It explains from the very basic thing; from how to choose a template, add features to make your website online for the first time. Still have more questions? Just contact the customer support, who is always ready 24/7 to help answer your questions.

About the cost? BlueVoda website builder is FREE. What? Are you kidding me? No, it is true. It doesn’t have to cost you a penny to create website. You only pay for the hosting cost, which is still affordable. Worry about hidden cost? Oops, no. No hidden or extra cost at all and it is VIRUS FREE. You may not believe that it is free to create website using BlueVoda website builder, but it is true.

So what are you waiting for? Just go to fill out your name and email address, then the download link is sent to your inbox. After that?Start creating your website. So simple right? Just let your dream come true with BlueVoda website builder.  Still don’t want to make website? Think again. Get ready to be addicted to this product as BlueVoda is the world’s most recommended website builder.

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