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In today’s fast paced world where accessibility of information is possible within seconds, at the simple click of a mouse, people turn online for all the possible information.  It has become a necessity and an integral part of all our lives.  I therefore decided to utilize this channel for interacting with people who share the passion and interest similar to that of mine and create website.  Thanks to BlueVoda, an amazing website builder that I could create website to meet and interact with people across the world sharing similar passion.

I am Grace, a successful business consultant. I love cooking in my free-time.  Cooking takes me to a different world altogether. It helps me unwind and forget about everyday stress. I have been cooking for the past 12 years and in these years there have been so much that I have experienced and learned through it that I wanted to share it with those around me with the similar passion. It was then that I thought to create website. One of my friends suggested that I try BlueVoda website builder rather than jumping around for seeking a professional help to create website. He assured me that with BlueVoda website builder, I will be able to create website which will look as good as a professional one.

I decided to download a copy and get started to create website. However before starting, I came across the forum of BlueVoda website builder, where the company and its customers had already shared numerous  hints, tips and updates pertinent to this advanced software.  I must say I was impressed!

I could actually create website within an hour. The best part was I thoroughly was satisfied with what I had created. Since I am a business consultant, working in a software firm, not all the apps and software products that are available in the market seem to impress me. But, BlueVoda website builder is an amazing product. Having read the claims of the company, I was sure I could create website in minimal timeline but believe me I was not at all sure about the final outcome that I would get. But to my surprise, this amazing website builder was much better than what I had expected.

With this advanced website builder, I could create website, consisting of multiple web-pages with each page showing recipes pertinent to different cuisines. I also had access to multiple video tutorials of this amazing website builder which covered each and every aspect of web building and publishing. It was through one of their video tutorials that I realized, I could create a web-page for general interaction with the visitors to my site. Thus, I was also able to create a website where the visitors to my website could share their food related stories, recipes and even feedback with me. It is only because of this amazing website builder that I am able to take my passion to an altogether different level.

I was even happy with the support service that this website builder offers. While I was trying to create website, I came across certain aspects of the website builder, which I could not understand and so I had to seek help from their support team. Their team was quick to respond. Today I have my own website, where I can add content as per my choice, without depending on anybody. BlueVoda gives me the freedom to utilize their image library which has numerous website headers, images, logos, page backgrounds, templates and many more which made my website building experience an interesting affair.

Another very vital aspect of this website builder that cannot be overlooked is their authenticity. BlueVoda comes up as being completely clean. Just because the website builder was offered to me at a competitive market rate, I was worried about malware and viruses. But, I was completely relieved to find it 100% clean. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it.

It has been more than six months since I create website and I am already enjoying adding new recipes and cooking tips onto my website as and when I like. It’s amazing to know that there are so many people out there who are equally passionate about cooking as me. Thanks to this wonderful website builder that I could create website to share all that I cook and experiment in my free –time. I went ahead with the idea of create website only because it was not too expensive and a hassle-free affair. If I ever had to involve any tech guys, I would have rather dropped the plan to create website and probably not been able to share and learn what I am able to do today with this advance website builder.

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