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Having recently qualified as a tour guide in my local town, I needed a website builder so that I could bring to life my ideas on a website creation. I had inquired with another professional website builder to design website for me however his charges were just too much for me.

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Through research on Google, I found out that it is possible to use a website builder yourself even if you have no previous knowledge of website creation. The only thing you need is an internet connection and basic computer skills. After that, the process to design website is so easy.

With this in mind, I searched and tested all the free website builder software programs that I could find and would help me to design website. To be honest most of them were either extremely lacking in features and abilities or they had good tools to design website but you had to allow free adverts being plastered all over your home page.

I eventually found BlueVoda website builder and suddenly things started to look promising. It gave me the ability to design website and then host with VodaHost which is a great web hosting service. This also meant no free adverts. The features and abilities when it came to website creation were also unlimited and this meant my idea of how I wanted to design website could actually come true.

I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder software and opened it up to find a design website user panel which I would use for website creation. It was a simple drag and drop system so you can see the page as you are building your design website idea. The website creation user panel gave me the ability to change fonts, add pictures, rearrange order and fill in my website content.

design website

I also found out that BlueVoda had a massive website creation library of free templates, logos and backgrounds that I could use. If I did not understand anything or was having problems, I simply went over to the BlueVoda website creation video tutorials. These were hosted online by BlueVoda website builder so you can play them at the same time as completing the task.

I put a lot of time and energy into making sure I used BlueVoda website builder software to its full potential. Eventually I sat back and admired my website creation. Something did not appear to be in order though and I needed feedback on design website processes.  I found this on the BlueVoda website builder forum where I came into contact with other people who were learning the process of website creation.

I took on board their feedback, made a couple of changes and then my website creation was ready to go live on the World Wide Web. By following the website tutorials, I was able to do this within a couple of clicks of my mouse.

By choosing to use BlueVoda website builder software, I not only saved myself a lot of money but I also gave myself complete freedom when it came to knowing how to design website. I make changes as and when I want and knowing my site is in safe hands, I can concentrate on the business of making money.

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