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This is a truly astonishing website builder!

The BlueVoda website builder has enabled me to create website for nothing. It is astonishing to think that the BlueVoda website builder is free to download as other programs I have investigated as a possibility to create website with normally charge a license fee to let you use them to their full potential. Employing a teacher to help you to learn how to make a website or even a pro to build website for you can run into the thousands.

I first used the BlueVoda website builder to create website for my restaurant. Trade was slowing down and my business adviser suggested that I find a webmaster to create website for me. The idea was to promote my restaurant and enable customers to make reservations via my site. The quotes that I got from my webmasters to create website for me were in the region of 1000 dollars (give or take) and I could just not afford this. It was one of my staff who said I should learn how to make a website with BlueVoda.

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I never knew how to make a website or get it on the world-wide web and the thought that I’d be trying this for myself was quite daunting. I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder and was still very suspicious whether I could learn how to make a website that was of a high enough quality to attract future customers. I soon learnt that the BlueVoda website builder does all the hard work for you; I just had to let my imagination run wild. I spent the first couple of days leaning and getting used to how to create website with the program and decided to go for it. I made a 3 page website with the BlueVoda website builder and the only cost I realized I would have to meet, if I wanted my site to be live, would be that of a hosting account. I paid for the hosting account and then followed the instructions on how to publish my site to the World Wide Web. Thus, I have learnt how to make a website!

Once I got into full flow, I felt that learning how to make a website had been easy. My first page had a banner, a contrasting background and a menu bar that I used from the templates. The second page was a picture gallery and the third page was a contact form for customers to make reservations. For all the worrying I had done, it turned out that to create website was really quite easy.

Learning how to make a website with the BlueVoda website builder is an excellent move because there are online tutorials which you can watch repeatedly at your own pace. There is also a great support forum where you can chat and discuss with other users who are also there to create website. You can see other websites that have been created with the BlueVoda website builder and share ideas. There is no pressure as you are not made to feel stupid by webmasters who could create website in their sleep. I’ve found that learning how to make a website can sometimes be intimidating if you are in the company of professionals.

The creators of the BlueVoda website builder are not joking when they say it is simply about dragging and dropping. Of course, if you want to get onto the more technical aspects of learning how to make a website, then the abilities are there for you. The BlueVoda website builder is massively user-friendly, I reckon that even a young child could create website that is top quality and professional enough to be hosted on the world-wide web and taken seriously.

Today my website has had over 10,000 hits and customers have made reservations through it. The cost of equal advertising elsewhere would have run into the thousands so learning how to make a website with BlueVoda has saved me a great deal of money.

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