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I am a professional web designer and have been working in this sector for many years now, showing and helping people with how to make a website. Being in the web development industry I know how complicated the job of web designing is and since the initial stages when I had just learned how to make a website and started working as a professional, I have come to realize that web design and development, effectively to create website,  is basically quite a tedious task. To create a website one must be creative and passionate about creating enticing sites. We always have to be innovative while planning how to make a website.

My son, who is in high school, also wants to join the same profession. I thought why not first see whether he has the ability to do so. I asked him to surf online and find a good website builder that would help him learn how to make a website using ready to use components. He found BlueVoda to be the best after checking out more than 10 tools.

Having worked in this industry for quite some time I have seen the kind of transformation that has occurred in the website types with technical advancement.

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With the entire World Wide Web undergoing a large-scale transformation over the last decade and with the arrival of Web 2.0, websites are, these days, no longer developed the way they used to be even just a few years back. This is the age when every other client wants complicated portals. The very nature of the create website jobs that we used to handle some time back has changed. Now, people want us to create website that have multimedia features, dynamic content and an attractive interface which would attract huge web traffic. Hence, I wanted my son to enroll into a web design course only once he is very sure this is the field he wants to work in.

This is exactly where the BlueVoda website builder has helped me out. With this absolutely easy drag and drop BlueVoda website builder I asked my son to learn how to make a website. I used to give him various specifications for web projects and he used to make use of this advanced how to make a website tool that is highly useful, easy to install and overall, very interesting. My son came up with really good, functional sites that looked great. Now I am sure that my son will really excel when he becomes a web design professional.

Prior to my experience with the BlueVoda website builder I did not know how to make my son learn how to make a website without learning complicated software like Dreamweaver and the Front Page website builder. My aim was just one to know his create website abilities.

The BlueVoda website builder presents loads of options and helped me a great deal in this aspect. Addition of username and password box with a single click anytime during the how to make a website venture is easy with BlueVoda. You don’t need any coding knowledge or html skills required in order to create website. The website builder also gives you the option to place java content or scripts just anywhere with a few clicks throughout the whole create website process. In addition to the multimedia options the website builder also has special glass buttons along with an option for an RSS feed for adding a professional look to the create website project. In case you want to use some pictures during the create website venture, the BlueVoda website builder allows you to choose from the light box to conveyor belt to give the images a modern look.

You do not have to worry about plug-in options either as this website builder has single click plug-in options available when you create website. This how to make a website app has also incorporated PayPal options and pre-defined Buy and Sell features especially for e-commerce websites. No wonder this how to make a website software has emerged to be one of the favorites amongst those looking to create website without any professional help.

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