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I’m working with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and we love promoting and showing-off the work of the lovely under-privileged children who we look after. I wanted to create website that I might promote and show people how talented these children were (through their arts and crafts etc.) but unfortunately had no ideas about how to make a website so I needed a website builder to get the job done. I had asked some of my designer friends for options but they said I would be charged through the roof and as an NGO we could only afford the most limited of funds. I decided to find a good piece of website builder software (I figured there’s software to do everything else…) which could help me create website. I bumped into BlueVoda which was a great website builder and it quite literally taught me how to make a website.

The features provided by this website builder are very wide ranging and oh so simple to use. With practice it is completely feasible that you can create website in about 30 minutes and publish it just as fast again, if not faster. The best thing for us is that it’s available for free and as a result we have a website builder which gives us the output we had hoped for and we can afford it. You have simply to download this website builder from the BlueVoda website and you can instantly start learning how to make a website with the excellent tutorials which are available. The tutorials provided by BlueVoda give step by step instructions from opening BlueVoda for the first time right through to publishing a website. I never thought I would come across such a lovely website builder and create website on my own. I have learnt how to make a website thanks to BlueVoda. To get the hang of how to make a website with BlueVoda, you don’t need to know anything you do not already know about computers; simply drag and drop whatever templates, logos, webpage backgrounds and website headers you want to use and create website of your choice, just like I did. You have the choice to create website that is simple with a basic homepage or various multi-page dynamic website. All in all, you learn how to make a website in the shortest time possible and from the comfort of your own home; that’s why this website builder is great.

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If there is at all any hassle in getting to grips with some feature, BlueVoda has assistance at hand who are just a mouse click away and will help you create website and make you a master at how to make a website. Since I am with an NGO, we needed a website builder which could help us to attract donations from visitors. We work towards a noble cause and it’s my job to act as a bridge between the donors and the children. With BlueVoda, I have been able to create website which looks crisp, professional and attractive and has helped meet this end. We have many donors now, who happily want to support our children and many who buy the lovely artworks to our children. By simply knowing how to make a website with the BlueVoda website builder, we have brought smiles to many cute little faces. This is and has always been the best reward for our work.

We didn’t know that it would bring the kids so much happiness to create website like this one. Now that we have BlueVoda and I know how to make a website, I feel happy that I’ll be able to create a website again if needs be, which promotes and showcases the talent of our children. I give truly heartfelt appreciation to BlueVoda which has helped folks like us to learn how to make a website and create website which has made life so much happier.

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