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BlueVoda is really a very extraordinary website builder. I’m proud to be a user of BlueVoda website builder. My tryst with BlueVoda website builder was a very interesting affair. I was a college student, very passionate about movies especially the actor called Brad Pitt. A new movie featuring Brad Pitt had been released and I desperately wanted to see it. But I did not have any money. I was wondering what to do. One day our group of friends met at coffee shop and one of my friends had brought his cousin along. His cousin was a web designer and all the time he bragged about his skill to design website etc. I told him that it was nothing and anybody could design website. When I said this I knew very well that even I was boasting and website creation was in reality a work of experts. Even my friends were shocked to hear my remarks. He was obviously annoyed and said “Fine, then you design website and show me”. Excitedly, I said “If I am able to design website, you would show me the new Brad Pitt movie”. He smiled and agreed, saying that if I faltered in website creation, I’ll be his servant for a week. I agreed but with hesitation for I knew that website creation wasn’t a child’s play. He told me that he had to design website for an upcoming shopping mall and gave me all details. We shook hands but he said that I only had three days to get the website design work done.

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My friends already looked at me like I had lost. Website creation needed expertise in HTML and web Editor and I was a novice. I thought about it and asked my friends but everyone said that website creation was not easy. Only two days were left and I just sat on my computer thinking what to do. While browsing the net I came to know that automated website builder help in website creation. I became hopeful and after searching many website builder I came across BlueVoda website builder. BlueVoda website builder gave unlimited features for website creation and I had to give no money to use it to design website. I had no time to think so I downloaded and installed BlueVoda website builder on my computer for website creation. On clicking the BlueVoda icon, I was taken to a working space for website creation. The icons were like in MS Word to design website. There were free web page backgrounds, templates and logos to design website. BlueVoda website builder also provided free images and the option to insert streaming videos.

I selected a template and a background for my website and the Drag & Drop option helped me to place all the icons on the desired position. I could not believe that I was able to design website within few hours. I had never thought that website creation could be so easy and such an enjoyable experience. I was proud of myself and relieved that I had succeeded in my mission. I instantly called Mr. Web Designer and he was surprised rather shocked that I had indeed been able to design website which was stunning in every aspect. He was annoyed but he fulfilled his promise of showing the movie to me. I was overjoyed and grateful to BlueVoda, the website builder extraordinaire!

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