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BlueVoda is website builder brilliance indeed for website creation. BlueVoda website builder is undoubtedly the best thing to have happened to the Internet community. I work for a television production company. I was unhappy with the length of one of the shows which had been on for eight long years. The story had changed as well as the actors but still it was going on. So when I came on board I expressed my thoughts. My officers were really unhappy with me and even decided to fire me. This was the last thing I wanted, so I diplomatically said “Ask the viewers and I’m sure they’ll have the same opinion.” They entrusted me with the responsibility of asking the viewers and with the condition that if the response deferred my opinion, I would be fired. I accepted the challenge. But I had only a week to prove my point. I decided to design website for immediate response.

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But I did not know how to design website. So I thought about some other way of website creation. Website designers demanded a big amount for website creation and I could not design website because I never knew HTML and web Editor which were needed for website creation. I took to the Internet for nowadays it is the solution to all problems and I came to know that an automated website builder was a great help in website creation. I became excited and searched for a good website builder to design website. All the website builder had some problems. I was worried because I had only six days. Then I came across BlueVoda website builder which truly appeared like it was god sent for website creation. It had unlimited features for website creation like free web page backgrounds, logos and templates to design website. BlueVoda website builder also provided free images and the option to insert video clips. And best of all, BlueVoda website builder was absolutely free to design website.

I downloaded and installed BlueVoda website builder on my computer for website creation. On clicking the icon, I was taken to a work area for website creation. The icons were set up like in MS Word to design website. I selected a theme for my website and with the help of the Drag & Drop option I placed all the icons on the desired position. And Wow! Within minutes I was able to design website. I had never thought that website creation could be so easy. I uploaded the details of the story, cast & crew of the serial and asked the people whether we should continue it or bring about a new show. Once I finished my job to design website, I got a web hosting account and by the next morning my website was live on the Internet.

I was thinking whether or not people would respond to my query. My job was at stake as was my self-respect. And within a couple of days I saw an outburst of opinion of the people. So many people sent their views and most of them wanted to us to wrap up the show. Happily, I went to my officers who had perhaps already checked it out and had ordered to bring down the curtains on the show. I attained a respectable place in the company. But all this was impossible without BlueVoda website builder which helped me to design website.

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