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I love reading books; it’s still one of my favorite pastimes and something that has been with me for a long, long time. Certainly with the advent and popularity of internet, things have changed drastically. People are more interested in online books rather than conventional books. However there are websites that sell quality books. But not always readers are provided good quality books. I felt couple of times cheated; I couldn’t have what I wanted. Few months back, I thought why not to design website where I could give frank and honest opinion about the books I have read. Since website creation is a technical process and I don’t have any know how about procedure to design website, I thought of hiring a website builder. But this option of website creation proved to be beyond my budget. Since I was to design website just to share my thoughts about the books with others, I was not ready mentally to spend thousands of dollars for that. It was time to search for other options for website creation. My search for free website creation ended at BlueVoda, the website builder. I could get an online design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder for website creation. Also along with design website tool, BlueVoda, the website builder, provides online website creation tutorials which explain step by step procedure about how to use design website tool effortlessly. I kept on going through the instructions in website creation tutorials and used design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder to complete website creation in the easiest way. I had incorporated all my thoughts and experiences in my website created with the aid of design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder. I created website on my own, full credit goes to developers at BlueVoda, the website builder. The programmers at BlueVoda, the website builder has developed design website tool for website creation in such a user friendly manner that people irrespective of having computer programming knowledge are able to create their websites on their own. I am one of those thousands of satisfied users of design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder. Website creation can’t be easier than this, the extraordinary website builder called BlueVoda needs to be given full marks for that. Here I would like to add that website which I created for sharing my views about books which was visited by my friends and relatives initially slowly became popular on internet. Many visitors impressed by my frank and straight views about the books visits my website regularly to check for updates. I make sure to update my website regularly so that every time visitor to my website finds something interesting and new. As visitors to my website grew in number, I placed Google Ads on it. Each time people click on those advertisements; I earn money. This way I have got an additional source of earning. With that extra money I am able to buy and read more books now. I am able to carry on my passion of reading.

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