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I have operated a gardening blog for a few years now and its’ popularity has grown exponentially.  I still operate the blog, but I have also created a new website to compliment what the blog has to offer.  Creating a blog is one thing, but creating a website is bit more involved primarily because I wanted to include video tutorials of different gardening methods.  I did some research on web design software and discovered the perfect website maker for me.  BlueVoda website maker gave me all the tools necessary to professionally design my site for my gardening visitors.  I was able to add an RSS feed, Flash, videos, a guest book, links to my blog and audio with BlueVoda website maker.  That is not all that this web design software is capable of, but those tools are the core of my website design.

The Flash that I implemented with BlueVoda website maker is one of the most important aspects of good web design software.  Without Flash in today’s websites, your website is unexciting and visitors won’t stay very long.   BlueVoda website maker also makes it as easy as clicking a button to add Flash to your website.  You don’t need to be an experienced webmaster to create professional looking websites with this web design software.   BlueVoda website maker has all the goods and makes them easy to use.

I used Blogger to build and host my gardening blog.  Blogger is free and does allow your visitors to subscribe to your website.  This is one of my favorite aspects of BlueVoda website maker.  I can easily add an RSS feed to my website with this web design software.   That means that every time I use my website maker to update or modify my blog, the visitors that have subscribed to my site will receive the updates via email.  Anyone who is worth their salt in online marketing knows that constant contact with your visitors is very important.  This website maker gives me multiple options in communicating with my visitors and a RSS feed is one of them.

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BlueVoda website maker is easy to learn how to use as well.  This web design software was designed with the new website maker in mind, but with the tools of a professional programmer.  The learning curve for this website maker is extremely steep.  Once you download BlueVoda website maker, even a beginner can start building a new site immediately with this web design software.  BlueVoda website maker comes loaded with premade templates or if you can find on one the internet that you like, you can download it to the website maker and begin using the web design software to manipulate the template to your needs.  This website maker also gives you the option to point as many domain names as you wish to you site for search engine optimizations.  You can also enjoy unlimited emails with BlueVoda website maker which really helps when it comes to organizing and communicating with your visitors.

When I built my gardening site with BlueVoda website maker, one of main desires was to include my own video tutorials on different methods of gardening.  Today’s internet user would rather watch how to do something than to read about it.  BlueVoda website maker allowed me to add unlimited videos to my site so that I can cover just about any gardening technique that I wish and never run out of space for my website.  The website maker also allows me the flexibility of different video run time software from QuickTime to Window’s Media. BlueVoda web design software made it easy for me show my visitors the information that they desire.  Just by point and click I uploaded my videos to my site.

An expected addition to my new website using BlueVoda website maker was a forum.  After adding a forum to my website, my site retention rates went through the roof because now my visitors began to interact with one another and not just me.  To tell you the truth, it took a load of answering questions off my shoulders because other experts became moderators and fielded questions for me.   BlueVoda website maker gave me tools to add the forum to the site and create an opt-in form for registration.  The opt-in form I designed with this web design software also allowed me to harvest more visitor information so that I can better communicate with to folks that visit my site.
Over the years, I have accumulated a vast knowledge of gardening and recently I put together a “Gardening for Dummies” style eBook.  I wanted to begin selling by book via the internet, but I had never operated a site with eCommerce so I was totally in the dark when I started using BlueVoda website maker to add sales to my site.  The BlueVoda web design software gave my site eCommerce capabilities with just a few clicks.  I used the PayPal options because they were the most familiar, but the website maker has two other shopping cart options.  I have operated my Blog for years and never made a dime.  Adding eCommerce with BlueVoda website maker gave me a second income that keeps climbing.

After building this first site, I have had many ideas about building other gardening related sites.  BlueVoda website maker allows me to create an unlimited amount of websites.  I can use this web design software over and over and over again and create websites till my heart is content.  This website maker has a partner site called VodaHost that allows me to publish my site with just one click of a button and I can host as many sites as I wish with my one account.  Using BlueVoda website maker and web design software coupled with VodaHost hosting capabilities make being an internet player possible for anyone.

BlueVoda website maker and web design software are free to download on the net.  You heard me right!  The website maker and the easy to use web design software developed by BlueVoda is free to download and use.  When you research a website maker for building your new website, it is partitive that you include BlueVoda web design software.  The only website makers that I found that were comparable in cost and capability ran $100’s of dollars.  I definitely recommend BlueVoda website maker and web design software.

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