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I am a volunteer and work with an organization that takes care of the physically disabled. I wanted people to know more about our organization and hence decided to create website to raise awareness. The idea was to use the site for certain fund-raising purposes as well but due to limited funds, our organization could not hire afford a designer to create website for us; I feel this would be contrary to the goals of the organization. As a few of my friends had managed to create website for their business on their own I knew it was possible to create website without professional expertise but I didn’t have a really clear idea as to what the purpose would take or how to make a website that would have a nice, professional, edge. So I started a bit of research via the internet to find a suitable website builder that could help me out in learning how to make a website for our organization. After a considerable search I came across the website of the BlueVoda website builder that was a free website builder program that could show how to make a website in the easiest and fastest possible way. The discovery of this website builder saved me and my organization from falling prey to high-priced firms that would create website of a mediocre standard in return for many, many bucks.

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I wanted to create website that would be creative, informative, and motivating which would help attract the attention of people who want to do some work with and for the physically disabled or help donate money for the purpose of helping them out. There was no guarantee that even if we managed to hire a professional to create website that he/she would put in the ample amount of edge and creativity into the venture sensing the nerve of our purpose. So I found the BlueVoda website builder to be a better option to learn how to make a website and started working with it to find out how to make a website that was appealing and would attract interest. Using BlueVoda for this long road of how to make a website, I enjoyed absolute creative freedom to create website that would give an accurate idea about our organization and the kind of work we do.

The process wasn’t very complicated thanks to this drag and drop website builder; I didn’t have to worry about the technicalities of web design (including their coding or html). All I had to do to find out how to make a website was click on ready-made web elements from the BlueVoda library and drag them on the website workspace area. The BlueVoda website builder comes with free templates that are very well creatively designed. I could actually use these free templates to design the site without even spending a penny and still find out how to make a website that was upbeat and positive and informative.

The fact that the BlueVoda website builder software didn’t charge a cent for the its create website services, I think this free software would be a suitable choice for all such nonprofit organizations like ours who want to create website without having to spend a lot of money on the venture. I think just about anyone can learn how to make a website using the BlueVoda website builder and as the tool allows how to make a website in minutes it is also suitable if you need a speedy solution. It is an extremely flexible website builder.

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