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BlueVoda web editor really rocks. It’s 10 times better than any other web editor and sweeps other big brand web editors with its various website tools. It is undoubtedly the best WYSIWYG editor of its kind.
Initially, I was really afraid that I could not find the perfect web editor to create a website of my own.  As I surfed on the net, I came across the BlueVoda web editor. The amazing part of this software is that you do not need to hire a professional website maker to create a website for you. You can do the job of creating, editing and even maintaining the site all by yourself.  I was familiar with big brand website tools which supported non-HTML coding, as I know nothing about HTML, like Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver.   I wanted to choose the best one so I compared the three on few factors like cost, website tools supported and ease to use the website tools.
All three support WYSIWYG.  For all those who are wondering what is WYSIWYG, it stands for “What You See Is What You Get,”  and basically is a category of programs that do not require HTML or  coding knowledge. After comparing, I would have to agree BlueVoda Web Editor was definitely the best one.
This group of website tools which support WYSIWYG, instantly relieved my tension of how to create a website without the knowledge of HTML.
BlueVoda web editor being a WYSIWYG, is far better than any of the web editors based on the Latex code. Let us compare the software based on WYSIWYG that I mentioned above. Being WYSIWYG software moving the components like table, frames, logos, picture’s is very easy.
The most striking difference where BlueVoda web editor wins is `the cost`, BlueVoda is totally free of cost whereas the other two make you shell out a few hundred bucks.
Also it took me almost 2 months to learn other software before trying to create a website, whereas it took me just two days to do the same with BlueVoda web editor to create a website.
Another feature where BlueVoda web editor comes out ahead is after you create a website you can post it online within a few moments. With other programs and services, it may require quite some time.

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This web editor challenges you to create a website within half an hour using it’s simple to understand and more simple to implement website tools. By using the other software’s, even if you are a professional there is no way you can create a website within that time.
The most crucial factor to this comparison is the web design and building tools with which each program includes.  BlueVoda web editor has its own custom photo or picture or image editor.  You cannot edit the same simple way in other software programs.  With the BlueVoda website tools you just need to drag and drop an image, flash program, or even a whole video clip. This fantastic website building tool offers easy to move components, templates, and backgrounds. One thing that stands out over any other piece of software I have used is the ability to freely create boxes or objects that the program does not turn into images that have to load. Just about any application you will need, BlueVoda has provisions to apply it.
The website tools of this software are so easy to use that anyone can use it. Even children or those with little computer experience will find it easy to do.  Because of its ease, it is widely preferred by professional website designers who earn a living by creating websites and also by beginner’s, like me, who start out with no knowledge of how to create a website.
Now let us come to the user satisfaction or support provided.
Assistance is just a mouse click away if you get stuck on any one thing.  Unlike other programs, BlueVoda allows the user to get their answers and problems solved quickly. The support forum is possibly the best I’ve ever seen. There is a built in link to their forum, unlike other software programs which typically guide you to the FAQ section. No matter what the question is, someone is going to be able to provide an answer.
It has built in tutorials, which in reality teach you how to create a website rather than other tutorials who teach you how to use their software to create a website.    For instance no other site will provide you information on how to create colorful frames; however BlueVoda really has a solution for you.
In summary BlueVoda is FREE of cost and it’s a piece of cake to use the website tools. It’s easy to learn and no knowledge of HTML or any other technical language is required to create a website, as it is a WYSIWYG software. You can post a website on the internet within 30 minutes flat, with a link to guide you to the support forums and tutorials.  Doing FTP is easier using BlueVoda website editor. You can create multiple website’s and the beauty and ease of being able to edit and re- post your site’s contents.
Lastly, but not least,  if you are considering building a website for your home or for your business and don’t want all of the hassles, time wasting, frustration and unnecessary expense that comes from making the wrong choice, then make the right choice from the beginning by using the BlueVoda website builder.
So now I would ask you a question BlueVoda or any other web editor? I am sure almost everyone would have answered BlueVoda with a smile.

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