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If you are using email on the Internet then you should be considering having your own website. This website may be for your personal representation on the web, or for your business. You can hand-code a website on your own. But it is easier to use website maker software and web design software to get the job done fast and quick.

Not all website maker software available in the market is created equal. Many are commercial website maker software that cost several hundreds of dollars each. But there is good free web design software available, like BlueVoda website maker. This website maker software is completely free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

To get started with using BlueVoda website maker software, simply download the software from the website (mentioned below). The website maker download size is only 5 MB. You can contrast this to other web design software – these are several hundreds of megabytes in size. BlueVoda website maker is lean and mean. It is highly optimized web design software designed by professionals who know their business.

Even if you are a newbie to web design software, learning to use BlueVoda website maker should be a snap. Absolute beginners love using BlueVoda website maker to get started with anything web design. There are also friendly free helpful video tutorials available for you to view, and they are about using BlueVoda website maker for the most common web design tasks.

It is very easy to get accustomed to the user interface that BlueVoda website maker software has. The friendly and helpful toolbar buttons available in BlueVoda website maker should be easy to use for any newbie using web design software for the first time. But BlueVoda website maker is also powerful enough catering to the needs of professional web designers.

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You just need to simply drag and drop the required toolbar buttons on to the web page you are building, using BlueVoda website maker. This will build the page in real time. When you are done with a page, start another page and add as many pages that form the same website.

You can add all possible Web page objects to the page you are building using the BlueVoda website maker. Things like tables, forms, guestbooks, banners, ad rotators, blogs, Java applets, audio and video files can all be added easily and quickly using BlueVoda website maker interface.

BlueVoda website maker generates the required HTML code automatically as you drag and drop objects on the web page. You can tweak the auto generated code for any object, by right clicking on the object and choosing the Properties… option. You will find that the code generated by BlueVoda is tight and optimized and validating and standards-compliant code. Other bloated web design software like DreamWeaver and FrontPage produce unnecessary, non-compliant, huge-size code. BlueVoda is refreshingly different.

When you are done creating your website using BlueVoda website maker, you need to simply file-transfer all the web page files to VodaHost, the people behind BlueVoda. They can host the website for a nominal hosting charge. This file transfer function is built into BlueVoda website maker software.

BlueVoda website maker scores over countless other web design software because it is fully free to use, and fully supported by VodaHost. Much of the free software is not usually well supported by their authors.

There exists a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful BlueVoda support forum, where like-minded users of BlueVoda website maker software share their experiences with other people. If you are facing any problem or issue with using BlueVoda, it can usually be solved by posting to this helpful forum for free.

BlueVoda website maker is all you need to meet all your current and future web site design needs. BlueVoda is professional web design software that is rock-solid from the core up. BlueVoda appeals to both professionals and beginners when it comes to good web design software.

If you don’t want to do the web design by yourself or don’t have time to learn using web design software, simply use free website templates that are available with BlueVoda website maker. Again they are completely free for both commercial and personal uses, and can be re-distributed royalty-free.

When you master web site design using BlueVoda website maker software, you can earn extra income by helping people get their own website makeovers done. The extra cash will surely help you in these days of economic downturn.

You can save on time, money, and effort when you use BlueVoda website maker and web design software. You don’t need to hire a web designer and pay hundreds of dollars for web site design, which you can do on your own anyway. You can use BlueVoda web design software to get web design done on your own and you can have fun in the process.

You can sell your products or services online in your website when you are using BlueVoda website maker. Other web design software usually charges you the dollars when you want to add commercial functionality to your website. By using BlueVoda web design software to work, you can place PayPal buttons on your site to set up payment options for your customers to order from you all online.

BlueVoda website maker can help you create your own site and make dream money from home. If you get good money working from home, you can then quit your day job and start working on your own from home. That is why you need good quality website maker tool like BlueVoda.
You don’t have to look around much or far enough to get access to this no-cost web design software that lets you use it for your needs completely free. This may be able to save you several hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise spend on web design software licensing fees.

To get started with using this free BlueVoda website maker tool, simply visit the internet site, download the software and you can then enjoy learning and using it.

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