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I just love stitching, and have earned a considerable amount decorating saris, dresses and even shirts with my embroidery skills. After lots of pestering from my customers to expand my services, I decided to hire more people and reach out to a bigger clientele.

To reach out to more people, I needed to advertise my art and after listening to what my friends had to say, I decide that the best way to advertise myself was to create website. The problem however was that I knew nothing about how to build a website.

I know everything about embroidery, and can use a computer. However I never did receive any formal computer education and thus did not know how to build a website. So the first thing I did was to hire a web designer to help solve my query of how to build a website.

I provided the designer with details about my business to create website, and even provided photos to use while creating my website for me. Before coming out with the final product, they produced a draft of how my website would look on completion. However I wasn’t actually happy with the results as the designer didn’t create website keeping my wants in mind.

This was when my friends suggesting learning how to build a website using a site builder. With so many site builder available on the net today; and I wasn’t exactly sure which to use to create website. Moreover the few site builder I came across were rather complicating to use to create website as they could be used only by those who knew HTML.

create website

As I don’t know what HTML even stands for, these site builder could not teach me how to build a website. I was in fact thinking of dropping my plans to create website as there didn’t seem to be the right site builder to use to create one.

This was when my friend introduced me to the great site builder, BlueVoda to help me how to build a website. I call it great because it really helped me learn how to build a website and create website within a few hours time! There is no need of knowing any computer jargon or language to use the tool. All I had to do is drag all the elements on the web page to create the page layout I was looking for.

I was stuck a few times while I ventured to create website using site builder BlueVoda; however the tutorials provided with the tool helped clear my doubts. Moreover, there are thousands of templates for me to choose from to create website attractive enough for my creative and colorful embroidery work.

Another reason I consider BlueVoda to be a great site builder that helped me learn how to build a website is because it is available for free. Moreover, it taught me how to build a website without using much space in my computer.

The only drawback some people state about this site builder is that once you learn how to build a website, you have to use only their web host VodaHost to upload the site. Though this may be a drawback to some people, I considered it a boon as everything related to create website was taken care of by this great site builder BlueVoda and its sister concern, VodaHost.

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