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I have recently become an affiliate marketer with the help of BlueVoda the website builder that makes it easier even for a non-technical person like me to create a website. The reason I created a website is because I want to help support the family income while working at home. Doing this has inspired me to try affiliate marketing. Let me tell you a bit about me, so you can better understand why I was so happy to have found a website builder that I could create a website with that genuinely works.

I have been a stay at home mom for almost 10 years now, have 4 children and a husband who works a seasonal job. In other words, life is not always a bed of roses, which is why I have decided to look for a job, but since I could not leave my youngest son, working from home is my only option. One of my dearest friends told me about her success with affiliate marketing, which I can clearly see has tremendously changed her life.

Naturally, I was intrigued, but there is one problem, I don’t have an iota of an idea about how to get started, let alone how to create a website; which is the first thing I need to do to start my online business. Fortunately, I have found BlueVoda the most impressive website builder I have come across, after a month of trying different website builder software online, this program has helped me create a website.

Why I find it easier to create a website using BlueVoda website builder software? You see, I’m not a techie, and so do not ask me about how to create a website with HTML and other stuff pertaining to website development, as I could not answer you. That is how pathetic I am when it comes to this stuff, so a website builder program that does not require much from a person like me is a darned good one in my book.

BlueVoda website builder is a heaven sent piece of software, no doubt about it. The drag and drop feature was what helped me immensely to create a website. Moreover, with the pre-designed templates, I have made a professional looking website, but I did not just create a website, I have managed to create a website that did not cost me anything at all. From what I have read online, hiring a professional website developer and designer costs a fortune, and so a free website builder is not just a lifesaver but also a gift that no one should ignore.

What is there to like about BlueVoda, the website builder that you can download for free. Well, if you want to get your website live fast, you can easily do it with this website builder which is practically one click publishing. This feature truly set them apart from the other free software I have tried. Once my website is complete all I have to do is sign up with VodaHost for hosting, and within seconds, I have a website that could help me earn money for my family.

I was truly amazed, simply because I was able to create a website without spending any money. More importantly however, I have managed to create a website that I can proudly show off to my friends and internet savvy kids. At my age and without any background in web design, I was able to create a website in a short amount of time, only BlueVoda website builder would be able to make what seems impossible for me, a reality.

To be honest, you should know that I actually had a ton of fun creating my first website. So much so, that I cannot believe it even today. The image library that BlueVoda website builder offers is full of crazy and beautiful logos, website headers, webpage backgrounds and templates to choose from. All you need to do is download the software for free. Everything I did from beginning to end was a piece of cake.

In fact, by the end of my first one, I was already thinking of the next website that I would create using the website builder. I felt my hidden creativity unleashed! I’m already at the planning stage and will definitely create a website soon, since there is no limit to the number of websites one can make. It is safe to say that BlueVoda website builder software has opened a new avenue for me to make money and help augment our family income, so you cannot blame me if I’m seriously considering a new website, especially when it is free to create a website.

BlueVoda website builder is just so brilliant, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone that wants to create a website for any reason at all.

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