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How to make a website has become as easy as 1-2-3

I hadn’t the first idea how to make a website and yet wanted to create website and so was looking for a website builder that is extremely easy to use (I’m nowhere near a tech-savvy person). I wanted a website builder that did not require lots of programming knowledge to create website; I felt it would be best if no programming knowledge whatsoever were required in the route I took towards knowing how to make a website. In truth I was a little worried about paying a large sum of money to a website designer to create website for myself. I was talking over all these how to make a website details with a friend of mine and this is when they suggested I take a look at the BlueVoda website builder. I visited the website and was amazed when it stated that in using BlueVoda it is completely possible to create website in under 30 minutes. I really couldn’t believe this fact. I decided to give it a try and I am extremely happy that I ended up using the BlueVoda website builder to learn how to make a website and, of course, to create website.

What follow are a few of features of the website builder that I feel are worth taking note of as you learn how to make a website:

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1. The size of the executable setup file is only around 4.1MB and is completely free to download so it’s the best possible way to learn how to make a website for free.

2. You can create any number of websites with the BlueVoda website builder and any number of web-pages per website too.

3. They have included numerous website templates, which we can take advantage of when create website to give your website an incredibly professional look. This is the best way to learn how to make a website for your e-commerce website or business venture.

4. The user interface is very user friendly and helps you customize your website exactly the way you want to. You can play around with the menu bars and toolbars and can place it anywhere you want within your website. The work-flow you follow as you create website with BlueVoda doesn’t require any HTML web design knowledge. It is all just a drag-and-drop workflow.

5. Seven different toolbars are available for the user to make use of as you discover how to make a website. BlueVoda also gives you option of adding or removing the buttons in these toolbars as you wish.

6. If you are finding it hard to use the website builder to create website then, no worries, they have many a video tutorial on how to make a website using the BlueVoda website builder covering very much of its create website functionality.

7. You can take advantage of the free BlueVoda website builder FTP client if you are using VodaHost servers. This FTP client is called as BlueFTP and it comes packaged within the installer file.

8. It is clean software, which means that no spyware, adware or malware is contained within the program and you won’t have any computer troubles as you work to learn how to make a website.

9. There are host of tutorials on how to publish a page, how to lock images, how to add tags, etc., which you can access at any point of time and get the required information.

If I had to rate BlueVoda, it’s exceptional, I would definitely give it 5 out of 5. If you are looking for a piece of website builder software to create website or websites easily and are not too tech savvy a person, then using BlueVoda is absolutely the right choice for you.

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