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How to start to create an online website

I have never once imagined myself creating something as complicated as a website until I discovered BlueVoda website builder. You see, I was never good in building anything, so when a friend told me about BlueVoda website builder and how he was able to create website in just one day, my curiosity was piqued. After all, Mark was just like me, we both avoided things that takes time and is complicated to build.

Mark is a childhood friend. We grow up together and even share the same interest and dislikes. In other words, he was one of my best friends and so it safe to say that I knew him inside and out, which is why I was surprised to find out that he can create website for a living and by just using BlueVoda website builder. In fact, when Mark told me that he could create website easily and in just a few hours, my reaction was utter disbelief, despite the fact that I love the guy. I just could not imagine him, spending a lot of time in front of the computer just to create website. But when he showed me his website, I was astounded and speechless. Here is a guy that spent half of his life, avoiding things that require, patience and time, now he create website for fun. Do not get me wrong, I’m happy for him; I just could not reconcile things, until he explained in details the reasons for the unrest. Remember, anybody can apply even people with no prior experience and html knowledge to design and create website. After our dinner, I went home and totally forgot our discussion as I’m not into this stuff yet, until, 2 months ago when another friend who’s into blogging reminded me about this website builder.

Lily, a food blogger, and long time friend like Mark was the one always pushing me to create website for my business to attract more customers. By the way, I am in a food industry, I bake cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and pies then sell them to friends and neighbors. My baked goodies, according to my customers and close friends was simply delicious and very affordable, probably why I have loyal customers that often call me for special occasions, birthdays and weddings. I guess! My popularity and mouth-watering cakes are also the reason why Lily keeps pushing me to create website. And after thinking long and hard about the benefits and disadvantages of having a website, I finally decided to create website so I can sell my products to a wide audience, through my website.

Take note, I knew that hiring a website developer and designer is not a joke, and this is one of the reason why I was not really crazy about having a website as I simply do not want to pay a lot to create my site. Fortunately, I remember what Mark told me, about BlueVoda website builder, like how it is possible to create website without spending a dollar. So, I did a little research about BlueVoda website builder and even watched their video tutorials for ideas on how to create website, but not just any website but a great looking site for my business before I downloaded the software to my computer.

That’s right, BlueVoda website builder have video tutorials that can certainly help you create website fast and effectively. So, after watching all the videos I immediately started developing my first business website using the website builder of course. Honestly, during the production, I was thrilled, excited, and scared for that is the first time that I took a project that did not involve my spatula. Luckily, for me, the website builder programmer made things easy for people like me as drag and drop feature of the software allowed me to choose the templates for my website without a hassle. Take note, one of the things I like about the website builder is the pre-designed templates, as I can create website with unlimited web pages. Furthermore, the software has an image library wherein I was able to download logos, templates, website headers, and webpage background without paying anything.

BlueVoda website builder has super features, no doubt about it. This website builder amazing features have certainly helped me create website for my business without any trouble and most importantly get my site live. You see, BlueVoda website builder allows me to create website, but also the software even allows the user to publish their website online easily. The website builder one-click publishing is the reason why my site went live just seconds after I have finished creating my first website. The good news, all I did was sign up with VodaHost Web Hosting to publish my site, and then viola I am online. Today, my business is doing excellent, thanks to the best website builder.

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