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I am a big fan of BlueVoda and VodaHost! Even if this website maker sells for $1000 in the future, I would still purchase it because I truly believe that it is worth it. I rate this website maker a 10 on a scale of 1- 10. I am using the latest version, and I am really amazed. My colleagues and family members say that BlueVoda site builder is my pet. I am a regular user of the marvelous piece of software which is aimed at helping programming language illiterates, like me, who want to create a website.

Let me tell you about my computer knowledge first. I really am an illiterate in programming languages. I do not know any of these things called C, C++ Html etc. All I know about my computer is that it can print my bills and I can store my monthly records. I can chat on it and surf on it, and I can use some Microsoft Office applications and that’s about it. I own a small business selling electronic gadgets along with a music library. Therefore needed a site to market my products just like any another small time businessman .I needed a website builder which could create website for me. But searching a site builder online was really not practical as there are hundreds of them. I then thought of hiring a programmer but my pockets were not very deep. But then a friend of mine suggested the BlueVoda website builder. I thought it must be just another website builder like the ones I had already seen, but I am happy to say that I was wrong.

After using the BlueVoda website builder to create website, my sales really got a boost. All I did is download the BlueVoda website builder software from the site and started using it. Having no technical knowledge, software programming skills or HTML knowledge, I wasn’t completely sure if I would be able to use it. I found that it is really unique in its own way considering that it is so user friendly, I assume even a child could quickly learn use it.

After fidgeting with the BlueVoda website builder for a couple of days, I felt that I wouldn’t need a professional website maker (who would charge me a few hundred dollars), as the BlueVoda website builder already made me an independent designer. The site builder allows me to produce a site every bit as professional on my own while keeping it user friendly. BlueVoda even allows the user to incorporate all the applications and plug-ins that are popular today. You can add music, videos, text, images, various types of maps, banners, hyperlinks, flash software, and much more.

All I did to create my site with the site builder is dragged and dropped. I used the other applications as well, like slideshow makers and used the simple self-explanatory tools provided. Incidentally, a professional website maker saw my site online and really was pleased with my work and complimented me for doing a wonderful job.

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Even I was overwhelmed as I saw the payoffs start coming in and my balance sheets showed an increase in sales by 15% in the first 3 months VodaHost and BlueVoda website builder is so easy to use that even my wife has learned how to operate it. She is already thinking of doing a freelancing job of creating websites and be a part time website maker.

Moreover, after using the site builder you can upload your work on the internet in just a few minutes.. The site builder can be used to edit it to upload new pictures or all you need. Most importantly, your website visitors will find no difficulty in using your website. BlueVoda is not just another web editor. My friend who is a website designer was amazed. How did he miss out the BlueVoda website builder all this time?

For all serious web designers this product is essential. It has everything a web designer needs, and wonderfully can be used by a beginner or expert. It brings out the best in the designer. I really wish that the makers of this software would churn out a lot more other programs like BlueVoda to help small time businessman, like me, having little knowledge of computer’s. All thanks to the VodaHost and BlueVoda website maker now I am able to create website on my own..

Now let’s not bore you by talking too much. I am sure you are eager to download it!

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