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After losing my job last year I decided to return back to my old career as a freelance writer. It turned out however that the marketplace had drastically changed since I had been away and was now more competitive than ever. The first I knew of it was when a potential buyer told me to learn how to make a website quick.

My old paper resume was no longer any good and I needed to create website to showcase my portfolio. I didn’t know how to make a website so I searched everywhere for a web master. They were charging hundreds just to create website of four pages!

I then came across an article that said it was easy to learn how to make a website, all I needed to do was find a website builder. A search in Google showed up many a website builder and after downloading the fourth batch of create website software, I was on the verge of giving up. The BlueVoda website builder was my last hope and it seemed like finally everything slotted into place.

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All the other website builder software was either complicated or very basic in their features. Some of them had hidden extra charges that you did not know about until you were 90% of the way through their create website software. Some of them did not teach you how to make a website, they just gave the create website tools but no instructions on how to use them.

The BlueVoda Website builder was nothing like this. I was able to create website with four pages exactly the way I wanted it within 2 hours. Learning how to make a website is fun with the BlueVoda website builder and after I had finished my first website, I wanted to create another!

Whilst learning how to create website, I found out I was able to add features to my site that I had not expected,  like PayPal function for people to pay for my services direct, an information request form where potential clients can gain a quote from me. I also learnt how to make a website with HTML widgets that lists all the articles that I had write for article submission sites.

The BlueVoda website builder also taught me how to label and tag my pages so that they are friendlier towards the search engines. Today my website is on the first page of Google for my keywords and I believe it is all down to the BlueVoda website builder. Their online tutorials on how to make a website are a godsend and I strongly recommend to anyone to make full use of them.

The BlueVoda website builder also has an online forum where you can see examples of other people’s websites, get the latest hints and tips on create website and chat with other people who are also learning how to make a website.

The best aspect about the BlueVoda website builder is that you can create websites that are professional, state of the art and eye-catching without having to pay any hidden costs. Learning how to make a website with BlueVoda is fun. Web masters out there need to know that they can no longer charge the extraordinary amounts that they do, because create website software like the BlueVoda website builder is changing the internet and now anyone can learn how to make a website. Thanks BlueVoda for making life easy.

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