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What is the BlueVoda Website Builder?

What is BlueVoda? BlueVoda is a unique and innovative software package that allows small business, individuals and even large corporations to operate their own web pages- by themselves! And the best part- there is never a need for technical HTML knowledge, design knowledge or anything else. In fact you can have your website up and running overnight!
BlueVoda came into existence because there used to be only the two options above for people to choose from. Pretty much, if you wanted to design a website you had to have either a little extra money budgeted or a lot of free time to learn. BlueVoda and VodaHost  gives people a third option and is far less expensive then web editors and far more effective when it comes to knowing your products/ services. The BlueVoda software package really is the perfect web editor for you and your needs!

How does BlueVoda work? BlueVoda works through simple drag and drop formatting where a business owner simply needs to select their preferences and drop them into their website. The first step in the process is choosing a template. Normally, a web editor will go over a multitude of templates for you to choose and you will conference back and forth and back and forth and back and…well, you get the picture! Now you can browse BlueVoda’s vast supply of templates to choose which one fits your signature/ logo the best. You get to knock the web page editor right out of the picture and put yourself in their shoes!

Part of picking out your own template and images for your website must include not only personal preference but what your website builds for. Are you building your website just to promote yourself and your services or are you trying to sell a particular product line or patent? What your website builds for will determine a lot about your website content as a whole. Since you already have it in your mind to have a website, you probably know why you want it, so go with it!

These are the three main options above- hiring a web editor at a premium price, learning HTML formatting on your own for website building, or doing it yourself as a web page editor with BlueVoda. Web editors are too expensive and learning it on your own is just as bad as hiring a web editor in the first place, so we’re left with the only real option- going with BlueVoda and VodaHost!

Some more benefits to using BlueVoda as the perfect website maker and website building software partner

If this is your first website building experience then you are in luck because BlueVoda gives you great tools without needing any formal knowledge. Many people (businesses included) have always wanted a website but have been turned off by thinking that they are too complicated to design or they would surely need a web editor. BlueVoda actually makes you enjoy the website building phase so that it comes out to the specifications that you wanted.

One of the best parts about BlueVoda website building is that there are specifically trained professionals ready to help you through any problems you have as you see them demonstrate in online tutorials. These professional web page editors act as your very own web editor- but for free! This way you can create your own website and get the best of both worlds. You are getting a web editor for nothing as well as a chance to act as your own web page editor making your own decisions. What could be better?

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Actually there is something better- BlueVoda’s website design work. BlueVoda has an image library that has thousands of options which put you, the web page editor, in charge! Web page design is a large part of website building and is a key factor in getting people to view your site. People won’t stay on your website if they aren’t captured by your website’s design. Web editors thrive off of making great design and since you know your products better then anyone you should do a better job then any web page editor on the market.

When your website builds up and you are trying to find out what works best for your needs you should remember a few things that any web editor will tell you:

• Web editors will tell you to not complicate a page. Too much detail, image work or text will throw off a visitor.
• Web editors will tell you to have applicable text. All of the text on your website should be applied to the products/ services you provide.
• Web editors will tell you that you should pick your images carefully. The images you choose have a big impact on your overall website appearance.

BlueVoda’s web editors will bring you through the website building process quickly and efficiently. BlueVoda makes sure that you don’t need the help of an expensive web editor or a web editor that doesn’t know your product as well as you.

Now for the final decision, do you really need a website to make your business thrive? Yes. Today, businesses are going global and promoting yourself to customers worldwide is crucial. Don’t make the mistake of getting a web editor because web editors will only take hundreds to thousands of dollars for work you can easily do yourself- in half the time! With BlueVoda you have the perfect web editor- yourself! With BlueVoda’s trained staff at hand you have a team of web editors all waiting to help you through the process.

Even if you already have a website, you can turn to BlueVoda for revision and making it fresh. A perfect web editor is at hand to make others envious of your website. Web editors at BlueVoda want to help you. If you want to pay lower rates and avoid a web editor every time you need to revise your website then going with BlueVoda is the right move.

Great service, a great website and a perfect web editor- BlueVoda is at your side!

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