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Why Spend a Fortune to Create a Website

I have tried to create website pages in the past with a website builder but didn’t get very far. Either the website builder was extremely difficult to use or when I did create website pages, they looked very amateur. Since I own a bakery, I wanted to make sure I had a great website to showcase all of my creations.

There were many other website bakeries that I’ve seen, so I knew what I wanted and what I didn’t. With the other website builder tools, I wasn’t able to get the look I wanted to create website. In fact, my website probably was the worst one out there. Because of this, my business was suffering. I needed to create website homepages and pages that would be attractive and informative.

After I went to a bakery convention out of state, I came back with a lot of great connections. When I was talking to someone I had met at the convention, we were discussing websites. He told me that it looked like I used a website builder on mine. Before I could get insulted, he sent me a link to the website builder he used for his website. He was able to create website pages that looked amazing. Even more, he was able to create website pages within minutes – and publish them within minutes with this website builder.
As soon as I realized I could create website pages on my own that looked as good as his website, I was so excited. He told me about the website builder, which was BlueVoda. I went onto the website and was surprised to find how easy it was to download the website builder. Within minutes, I was able to create website content for my site.

There was no HTML knowledge required with this website builder. In order to create website pages, it was all drag and drop. I could create text boxes, add graphics and even arrange photos and videos in an order that made sense. Within an hour, I had enough content to create website pages that were visually stunning.

One thing that really makes BlueVoda different from the other website builder tools that I’ve used is their beautiful templates. There were several bakery-oriented templates that I could choose from that instantly gave my website an enhanced appearance. I was then able to change some colors, add a logo and begin adding in all of the content. I was also able to create website pages that looked just like my homepage by being able to copy the templates from page to page.

This website builder was so easy to use. I didn’t need to know any HTML and whenever I did get stuck when it came time to having to create website pages, there were video tutorials online that I could view. This made it that much easier to learn what I needed to in order to get the desired look on my webpage. I simply couldn’t have asked for anything easier than what this website builder gave me.

Something else that I was impressed by was the number of pages I could create for free. There was no limit to the number of website pages I could create. This allowed me to have pages for my cake galleries, pages for my flavors and much more. This has allowed consumers to learn all about my bakery before they contact me – which allows me to make better use of my time because my website is able to answer a lot of questions for consumers before they call me or stop into my bakery.

The website that I have now looks professional and allows me to showcase my products. Because I use a website builder, I can create website pages whenever I want. I can also update my website whenever I want without having to hire a website designer. This allows me to add promotional material and seasonal material on the website easily – without spending a fortune.

I had contacted several website designers about creating website content for me. They told me it was an “investment” for my business and then quoted me thousands of dollars. Now that I have found BlueVoda, I have a website builder where I can create website content on my own and still have it look as though it was designed by a professional. For anyone who wants to create website pages that look professional without hiring a website designer, I highly recommend BlueVoda website builder.

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