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Starting my own online business has always been my dream but having no knowledge about programming and on how to create website is a huge blunder for me. I tried asking help from friends, colleagues and family members but after some time, I realized that I had to create website on my own. My only goal is to create website using an easy website builder that can communicate my message, product and personality without too much hassle. So, I’ve spent weeks studying HTML books and trying to create website from scratch. Everything was too much for a newbie like me.

I wanted to hire a website builder to help me create website templates but I didn’t have the budget for it. Fortunately, while I was in search for a WYSIWYG website builder, I stumbled upon BlueVoda. I must admit that I was kind of suspicious at the start since I wasn’t familiar with the name of the website builder. Also, its promises are just too good to be true such as letting you create website easily. I’ve come across different developers that are supposed to be free but actually lock in every single thing behind costly pay walls and if you get unlucky, you’ll come across those with malware in them. However, with BlueVoda I was able to install the website builder without any trouble.

This website builder is made for professionals and newbies alike. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced web developer or an utter beginner who has no idea how to create website. Since I am included in the newbie category and didn’t have my own host, I was immediately impressed by the fact that everything is already provided by the website builder. BlueVoda provides the capability to create website in less than an hour, which is great for seasoned developers. Though I don’t have any experience, I was able to create website with its intuitive and powerful tools without help from the outside, which blew me away since the other website builder I used in the past was too complicated to manage that I had no idea where to start to create website.

Another great thing about this website builder is you can easily use it just like the Windows programs. All you need is a few minutes in order to get familiar with the UI. It also provides tutorials that are useful especially to newbies as they have complete directions on how to create website from beginning to end.

Its integration with VodaHost is indeed useful since I don’t need various hosting services and waste my time trying to use them with each other. All I needed to create website prototypes is included, even those that I’d be needing in the future. For example, most websites I created were just simple static pages, which don’t require playing with anything connected to SQL. However, if ever I have to create website that is more complicated than those I’ve made in the past, then I need those SQL features and this website builder will allow me to do them without the need to learn SQL or even HTML.

The drag and drop functionality of this website builder is great and it feels like you’re just playing when using it. Just drag elements and drop them to your preferred spot, click a few buttons and you’re good to go. Another good point of this website builder is that you can preserve the layouts that you have created, even when viewed on various browsers. Also, compared to others, the sites I’ve made using this website builder is similar with those I’ve made by other builders, even those that were made from scratch. Once you buy hosting from VodaHost, you will get full access to BlueVoda to create website easily.

There is no contest in comparing BlueVoda website builder to other free website creators because most of these so-called free web creators offer basic functionality, which only produces boring and basic-looking websites. It might be free but surely, using such web creators will only waste your time and effort.

As a whole, I am contented with the capability of BlueVoda to create website. It is indeed helpful especially to those who don’t know how to build websites from scratch. It is the perfect website builder to create website layouts and templates that possesses advanced features.

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