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A Beginner’s Guide For Your First Website

I have a small handbags business, where I have been selling ladies handbags for the past 6 years. Sales were smooth over the years until recently when I felt the need for something more.  I realized the need for taking my small business online.  Having realized that people have very little time in hand for moving out of their homes for shopping, I decided to give them the option to see my collection and buy them, within the comfort of their home. Hence, I initiated the discussion with few web development guys to create website but was majorly discouraged with the huge cost involved in hiring them. I actually had a choice of hiring the website design and development team by spending more than thousands of dollars to create website or choosing a website builder that came at almost minimal cost. I was in a fix because; I was not too keen to go for automated software or the website builder to create website for my business.  I always felt that a creative website builder is too restrictive on design customization option. You can never get a creative liberty with a website builder. This is what I had felt about a website builder software and always shied away from them. But BlueVoda, website builder changed my perception totally and started to create website.

Even the novice developer like me could actually create website, with the desired customization. The website for my boutique looked amazingly professional, without me having to master web hosting, HTML code, file transfers and other such tasks. This gave me immense time to concentrate more on building the web presence for my business and creating a quality content. Not only with this amazing software, I could create website which was also search engine friendly-all this at such reasonable cost was indeed amazing. I must say, the BlueVoda website builder is a multi-faceted website builder that enables creating a master piece with small learning curve.

A website builder enables even the beginner to create website uniquely, professional-looking without having to master HTML code, website hosting, file transfers and other tasks. Instead, the new webmaster can concentrate on creating quality content and building a web presence for a business, hobby or interest. The best website builder will also make the new site search-engine friendly; provide statistics as to the site’s traffic and page hits. Simply put, a good website builder is multi-faceted and enables success with a small learning curve. If I was able to create website with this awesome website builder in a single day, I think anybody can do it.

My website is very beautifully categorized into different sections, showing different types of bags in each section such as tote bags, sling bags, handbags, clutches, etc.  I have created a one-page corporate overview to introduce my business to my customers. The customers on my website can easily navigate through various pages with user-friendly interface that I have created. I must say the videos by the support team of the BlueVoda website builder helped me immensely in create website for my small business.  It was only after viewing their videos that I realized the importance of creating a site map for my website. Hence, I went on to create website with a sitemap! This website builder also offers an Image library for its client which is blessing for someone like me who has never ever created website or is unaware of web language or any programs related to it.

The easy-to-use and the drag-and-drop features of the BlueVoda website builder is tremendously easy and very interesting once you create website. Once started, you would not want to stop until finished. I almost completed it in one sitting. Initially, I was not aware of the fact that I could create as many websites as desired. It was only after talking to their support team that I realized that I could design another website. Thus, I create website for maintaining my company’s blog.   This was even easier. With such a wide selection of templates to choose from, I had multiple choices. Not even once did I feel restricted for choices. With so many logos, images and templates to choose from, I absolutely loved the entire process. It feels really nice to create website with immense design and development control where you have the freedom to create everything the way you want it to be.  With the business website and blog in place, all I needed was to concentrate was on brand building and enhancing my web presence by finally create website.

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