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A Fairly Extensive Way to Create a Website

I am already an experienced website developer, but I do have a couple of students that I want to teach basic web design to. The website builder I use would overwhelm them, and I don’t think they are ready for hand coding things onto Notepad and to create website. So I looked for a free website builder that is easy enough, yet still full featured and capable of creating fully functional websites. I found this website builder called BlueVoda through one of these searches, and it’s exactly the program that I needed to create website.

We had to get this out of the way first: the pricing. This website builder is completely free and fully featured, there are no locks or registrations needed to create website. But there is a catch – it is only available to people who have a VodaHost account. People who are looking for a website builder probably need a hosting provider as well, so it works out in the end. You’re going to need a host, so you may as well get a VodaHost account and then you get one of the best and most intuitive website builder out there to create website for free.

As for use of this website builder for teaching my kids the basics to create website, it’s perfect because it’s a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) program. There’s no need for coding knowledge and kids can just drag and drop elements in order to create website. Anyone who knows how to operate MS Office applications can easily learn this website builder in a single sitting.

One key difference between this website builder and others is that this is a client-based program. It needs to be downloaded and installed locally as opposed to being run from a browser. On the one hand, a browser-based app would have been more convenient, but the advantage in this case is that a local client is much, much faster and has more features compared to browser-based apps that need to be trimmed in order to make them more compact and stream-friendly to create website.

While my original intention was to use this website builder as a teaching tool to create website, I honestly found it to be functional enough for my own use. I can use a more professional (and more expensive) web design application suite to create website, and I can even hand code an entire webpage from scratch. But sometimes I just want to hang back and churn out new layouts willy-nilly, and this website builder lets me do it.

To its credit, the interface of this website builder doesn’t look like it’s a free program to create website at all. It’s fairly extensive and everything that you could possibly need to create website is easily accessible. You don’t need to dig through various menus and buttons just to draw a table or add text. Additionally, it’s useful even for webmasters who want more advanced functionality from their websites.

For example, you can add HTML Code Snippets, flash files, and even email forms and other extensions. You just need to drag them to the page. If you spend a little bit familiarizing yourself with its more advanced features, you can even do more advanced stuff like create an online store that has a PayPal button. I was even able to add a flash applet without typing a single line of code. Everything is in there and can be used by anyone to create website regardless of skill level.

Another feature of this website builder that will make lives easier is the inclusion of ready to use templates. This is a big help for novices who don’t know where to start. They can just use one of these templates, edit it to fit their needs, then publish everything on their VodaHost account and they’ll have their first actual working website. As they learn more things to create website and become more comfortable, they can further tweak the templates to make them more unique. Until they get to the point where they can create their own layouts without the need for a template.

Last but not the least; I cannot help but heap praise on BlueVoda customer support. This website builder caters both to people who want self-service support and those who prefer to get help from other people. The program itself has a built-in help system so that you can find answers to your questions on your own, and there are also step-by-step video tutorials that will teach novices how to create website. For people who want something more to create website, there is a very active community-driven forum where other users of this website builder are willing to lend a hand. And lastly, you can always submit a support ticket in order to get help directly from VodaHost customer support staff.

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