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BlueVoda is Amazing for Startups and Small Business Owners

I am a businessman and deal with all types of plumbing solutions such as taps, pipes, water tanks and more. I started my business from a small shop, and now I am selling my goods all over the city and also to surrounding areas. Now having a website was the need of the hour. I was looking for a website builder to build my own website. However, when I asked a few designers to create website, these website builders were charging me lot of money. Apart from that, they were asking various technical things like content, link building, navigation, illustration, product descriptions, insertion of images and graphics. They made website building sound like a huge complicated task.

They told me it would take a month; moreover the cost was not affordable to me. Therefore, I started searching for some website builder that could help me create website at a lower cost. One of my friends suggested to me BlueVoda website builder. I was wondering about this free website builder from the beginning and I was thinking that free tools and website maker do not provide me enough response. However, when I started my website through BlueVoda website builder, I was stunned. This free website builder provided me all the necessary tools like navigation, images, free templates, background images, flash, rotational banner and video streaming facility. I began my website using BlueVoda website builder and it was really easy and safe.

Why BlueVoda has become an effective tool for startup businesses?

Firstly, I went through their tutorial which helped me a lot and I finished my website in one hour and twenty minutes only. I was easily able to find some attractive templates, and I just picked one of them and started my website with absolute ease. The website builder software is available at BlueVoda at free of cost, and I downloaded the file within few seconds only. The website builder software file is very small and it is totally virus and spyware free.

I was always wondering for some unique logo for my business which can give me a different presence. I was able to find the easy clip art facility on BlueVoda website builder and I created my own business logo with these clip arts. Then I inserted the logo on the top of my website within few seconds. I did not find many interesting website templates to create website on other portals. But at BlueVoda, I could easily find numerous attractive templates to create website, and inserted two different templates as my background image and website layout. As a novice person, I did not have any knowledge about the technical expertise to create website and I did not know the HTML codes to create website also. People told me to learn about the HTML codes to create website and when I browsed through the HTML codes online, I did not understand anything to create website. However, when I started my website with BlueVoda website builder, it did not require me to put the HTML codes. Even without prior knowledge on the technical segment to create website, I could successfully launch my website, and now I can communicate with my clients through my own website. Even the website increased my sales and it gave me online positive responses, which helped to build online reputation.

There is no limit to showcase your creativity through BlueVoda, as you can easily create website and add pages, you can design your website endlessly. Now I can change my background image, font style and navigation recurrently and I have updated my website with all new products. Even before launching a new product in my store, I always prefer to add the image along with its descriptions on my official website.

For the startup businesses, it is very difficult to invest a lot of monies for a website. I strongly recommend BlueVoda website builder to create website for the first time because here you do not need to invest anything. You can create website with all necessary tools. Even you can launch your business online within few minutes only.

Moreover, the customer support system and the tutorial of BlueVoda provides perfect support and help. Now I can create website through BlueVoda without any technical and computer knowledge. With just a click I can launch my website online and as an inexperienced person, I can tell you that BlueVoda is the all round performer.

Earlier, to create website, we used to talk with offline website builders, and we were treated as puppets because we did not know any technical things, and the website builder charged us recurrent times for several reasons. Now we can create our own website through BlueVoda independently, and there is no more assistance needed. I have contacted the BlueVoda customer support to create website several times, and they have assisted me every time.

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