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Kurt has been working in a big supermarket for a number of years.  He started working in the supermarket as soon as he had graduated from High School.  He was a gregarious person always ready to help customers with a smile.  Regular customers at the supermarket knew him by name and often stopped to chat with him. Kurt’s open easy going personality, his friendly smile, and good people’s skills were a great asset in creating a smooth business environment in the supermarket.  His boss and the owner of the business were very happy with Kurt, his pay packet was good and the commission from the sales was substantial.  Kurt was happy in his work place; however, he was a tech savvy person and knew that it was not enough to advertise in the newspaper, tech savvy people feel more comfortable with the internet and prefer to buy from the businesses that have established their presence online.  He tried to talk to his boss to engage in a good website builder who would create website for their supermarket.  He was sure they would double their sales if they went online.  However, Kurt’s boss said that using the new fangled ideas of designing a website or engaging a website builder is not his cup of tea and that he was happy with his old fashioned style of working.

Kurt was disappointed with this answer, but he did not give up his quest, he would go on the internet and browse in his spare time. Soon he came across a website builder who had information on how to create website using its easy drag and drop method.  The website builder had attractive logos, templates that one can use to create website without paying a huge sum of money to a commercial website builder. He decided to go through the free tutorials provided by BlueVoda website builder.  Soon Kurt was able to master the entire procedure to create website easily.  Armed with this knowledge Kurt decided to approach his boss once again to persuade him to start a section that takes orders for online grocery shopping and delivers to the homes of the clients, if they live within a specified distance.

This time he told his boss to give him a chance to try the new method and that he would use his savings to start the venture; therefore, if it fails the owner would not suffer any financial loss.  However, Kurt was confident that if would be able to create website with the help of the website builder, this venture would succeed in the shortest possible time. This time Kurt’s boss agreed to his proposal and allowed him to create website, using tools provided at the website builder.

Kurt started to create website that was easy to negotiate, looked attractive and businesslike at the same time. He looked at many templates provided by the website builder and chose the background that suited the type of products he was going to deliver to his clients. He realized that the website builder had a provision to fix many pages.  He wanted to create website that was easy to negotiate, with the main page uncluttered, had easy logos and the facility to navigate to other pages that contained extra information. He took time to create website, adding and deleting information, using tools provided by the website builder.  He wanted to create website that reflected his easygoing, gregarious personality and engaged the clients immediately.  The tools provided by the website builder helped him at each step. Kurt read the information provided by the website builder that after the website was created the website builder has the provision that would help him to go online immediately after paying a nominal sum of money.  Kurt and his fellow workers who watched him create website decided to have a small function at which the owner clicked the button to go online.  Eventually Kurt’s hard work to create website paid off and his dream became a reality.

Kurt’s hard work and business sense that made him create website paid off handsomely. The sales of the groceries rose exponentially and soon Kurt became a partner in the business, with a share in the profit.  Kurt’s determination to learn new technology and quest to use new tools to promote business and create website by using the methods given by the website builder established the fact that Kurt had a right business sense that he used to create website that was unique, simple and easy to negotiate.

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