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I recently became an online freelancer, and one of the first things I learned was that I needed to create website portfolio in order to show clients what I can do. The second thing I learned was that hiring someone to create website portfolio for me was completely out of my budget. The only choice then was to look for a website builder on my own, and then learn how to create website portfolio (though not necessarily in that order).

I ended up trying many types of website builder, and was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I needed to learn to create website. I was ready to give up, but luckily I already signed up for a VodaHost account and found out that the package comes with the free BlueVoda website builder. This free website builder allowed me to hurdle the steep learning curve that web development is.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do not know the first thing on how to create website from scratch, but that does not matter because this website builder seems to be created exactly for people of my skill level. There is a bit of a learning curve, but they are not impossible especially since there are video tutorials on how to create website all over the web. An hour or so of watching videos and I’m good enough to create website on my own, with minimal checking of the manual or instruction video.

One thing I liked about this website builder is that the user interface is not intimidating. It looks like Microsoft Word, so I felt right at home. As I said, I am not a techie but this website builder has a number of features that experienced web developers can use to create website. Even I was able to use them due to the very active and helpful community. That seems like the method of operation of this website builder—designed for a newbie like me, but powerful enough to still be useful for expert web developers.

As for which advanced features I was able to use, thanks to the helpful community, it’s the widget support that ties in with the VodaHost package. The widgets of this website builder are highly customizable and can be added to the website I created. I was able to include advanced features when I create website layouts, including streaming media support. I read that BlueVoda website builder will also help with the integration of payment processors. It’s not like I needed them to create website, but it’s good to know that there is that option for people who want to use a shopping cart on their pages.

The ease of use of this website builder is really top notch. As long as you know how to drag and drop things, you will be able to use this free website builder. It requires only the most basic of technical skills needed in order to create website, which many novice website creators probably already possess (particularly those who have used blogger, WordPress, or any other newbie-friendly content management system out there. The bonus is you get to create website according to what you envision instead of relying on a template.

Which brings me to another point—this website builder doesn’t have much of them, but there are ready made templates available for those who can’t create website templates on their own. Not as many as other software packages but there are enough to give newbie’s ample choice. Also if you do learn enough to the point that the templates are no longer doing it for you to help you create website, by then you are probably knowledgeable enough to tweak the templates. In which case, the limited amount of ready to use templates is not a problem. In fact, if you’re knowledgeable enough to code websites from scratch, it will still be useful. This is a complete non-issue, actually.

Naysayers can only really say one negative thing about this website builder, and that is that it’s not really free. To which, I must disagree. IT IS FREE. Anybody can download and run the program, and create website as much as they want. The caveat is that you can only publish to a VodaHost service, which means if you really want to use this for business purposes, you need to get a VodaHost hosting account and then you’ll get this for free as part of the service. This is not an issue, as the target market for this website builder is probably novices who don’t have an account yet. And the cost of a Web-Hosting Account with VodaHost is really affordable compared to others. Getting everything in one place is not a disadvantage, it’s actually good because the process is simpler and any problem you encounter along the way can safely be brought to the concern of BlueVoda customer support team.


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