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I have been looking for a novice-friendly website builder to help me create website for a long time. While BlueVoda was not the first website builder that I tried, it was the one that I stuck with as it let me create website pages without requiring any technical know how or a huge financial investment. Not that it was ever free, there are a ton of free website builder offerings out there but it is not one of them. But I already have a hosting subscription with BlueVoda, so technically speaking I got the BlueVoda website builder completely for free, it’s already provided free of charge as part of the package.

Even if you count the facts that subscribing to a BlueVoda package can be considered its true price, it is still worth it compared to other website builder examples out there. The paid commercial website builder you see on the wild tend to be still more expensive, and they are not too intuitive to the point that they create website design seem like rocket science in comparison. With BlueVoda, on the other hand, you get a user interface that will do everything you need to do when you create website layouts, but aren’t too cluttered and will be easy to use for anyone who has ever used Microsoft Word.

And when you compare it to any free website builder in the market, it’s not even a contest. Most of the free website creators you will encounter are very basic in their functionality. For instance, the kind of websites you can create from them will look basic and boring. You might not be wasting money, but you are wasting a heck of a lot of time just to create website. Basically, when it comes to cost-efficiency, BlueVoda website builder provides the sweet spot.

I was honestly surprised with how much this website builder provides in terms of features to create website, considering that it is not a big brand name. Off the top of my head, I was able to set up a PayPal shopping cart that works for both single items and multi item purchases, as well as those that only need a PayPal service for donations and subscriptions.

I was also able to create website layouts that use Flash and Java (back when they were still in vogue), and to add complex features such as a guestbook, complex forms, and frames. The best part of it all? I was able to do all of the above without even knowing how to code. That’s right, I don’t know a single thing of HTML outside of formatting text, yet I was able to create website that is professional-looking and readers of the website will not be able to tell the difference at all.

With this website builder, everything can be done just by dragging and dropping elements to your desired position, and then clicking a few buttons here and there to create website. But coders will also be able to use their vaunted skills. If there are functionalities that you need to code manually, BlueVoda will allow you so this website builder will also be usable for power users.

If there is one minor kibble about this website builder, it is the somewhat underwhelming amount of ready-to use templates to create website. It comes with a few ready to modify and use templates, so you can go and create website layouts within minutes. However, the amount is not much and fails in comparison to others. Fortunately, this may end up being a non-issue because this website builder is so easy to use to create website that you are bound to modify the templates easily in order to make an endless amount of permutations. Plus, what is already there are fine for people who just want a quick way to create website layouts and don’t really need a flashy, unique look.

Finally, while this is technically a non-issue for me as I already have a subscription, I like that this website builder is still free for those who do not have a BlueVoda account. Just about anybody can download the software and use it for as much as they want to create website. There are no locked features nor nag screens, but the catch is that you need a VodaHost account to publish your website.

All in all, I can safely vouch that this website builder is worth it even when compared to its competitors, free or not. The ease of use to create website and the amount of features available simply makes it worth it, and the fact that a BlueVoda hosting account is also a great deal makes it a complete home run.

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