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BlueVoda is a functional and very helpful website builder. I used this website builder to create website for my travel and food adventure blog. This website builder is the tool to use when you want to create website. It is built with impressive features that allowed me to create website that I was able to use right away.

I’m a photography and food addict. I love taking pictures of places I have visited, food I have tried and everything in between. I share my photos on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My friends love my photos and they have told me to create website so I can earn from my hobby. Posting on social networking sites doesn’t give me any monetary compensation. It is a fact that other people make money everyday from doing the things they love to do.  I want to experience the same thing, earn money from my hobby but to be able to do that I needed a website. I had inquired at several companies specializing in website design and development. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring professionals was too rich for my blood.

I didn’t want to give up on my dream of having a food and travel blog just because I could not afford to pay for costly website. I knew there were options left for people like me who simply wanted a cheaper alternative. I learned about BlueVoda from a friend. He had built a website for his business using BlueVoda, a superior website builder. I loved his website, which he created without any help from anyone. It was impressive that immediately after seeing his website, I downloaded this website builder. Downloading this website builder was easy and took only a few minutes. I just provided my email and that was it.

This website builder comes with many video tutorials. The video shows how to create website step by step. After watching the video tutorial I went to work. I was able to create website in just 45 minutes as the drag and drop features makes it easy to do so. I designed a website that looks like it was professionally done and no one will know it is not. It does not look like it was not built by website designer. I am so happy that my friend suggested this website builder. My website was customized for SEO and even though I knew nothing about HMTL, it didn’t matter.

As I have said early on, the drag and drop tool of this website builder helped me greatly. I was able to create website fast by just dragging the templates I needed. The pre-designed website templates gave me plenty of option for design. By the way, I can create website with multiple web pages since there is no limit. In fact, I can create several websites because there is no restriction with this website builder. I can use it over and over again to create website, which is what I am doing now. I didn’t even have to worry about creating a similar looking site, thanks to the image library.

The website builder image library contains hundreds of webpage backgrounds, website headers, logos and templates. So, it is easy to create website that doesn’t look generic. Best of all, I was able to download what I needed to create website without paying for it. The image library is free to use by anyone who wants to create website.  In other words, the logos, templates and everything else is free to download.

BlueVoda website builder has a lot to offer when it comes to building a website. It is a fantastic tool to create website from multiple page site to a simple homepage.  I have no regrets downloading this website builder to create website. I was able to create my first website using a website builder that has no adware or spyware inside it. Best of all, I get to publish my finished website in just one click.

This website builder has one click publishing feature. So, a website can go live in just seconds. I just signed up with VodaHost, their sister company to use the one click publishing feature. I’m proud to report that VodaHost has provided excellent hosting for my website. I didn’t know anything about other web hosting so I can’t compare. Anyway, BlueVoda is no doubt, the best way to create a website in my book. BlueVoda software has features that make lives easier for people who want to create website by themselves.

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