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Hey! I am Rosalie, I was trying to build a website of my own for helping me attract online customers for my business. I was trying to find a professional website builder to create website that was according to my specifications. For a long time I could not find an expert website builder who fitted my budget and trying it on my own was really impossible for me. Then I was introduced to this amazing online website builder from a friend of mine. I was really impressed by BlueVoda when I first started using it to attempt to create website.

I had no prior knowledge of various HTML codes, and web designing to create website on my own was beyond my wildest imagination. But with BlueVoda website builder all I had to do was download it, set up my internet connection on my personal computer and I was building my own professional website before I actually realized it. The BlueVoda website builder is just awesome. It was so easy for me to create website with them, as they offered simplistic and very helpful tutorials at every step. I was able to drag and drop the features I liked by just pointing and clicking on them. The website builder has a library that offers numerous free logos, predesigned background template and thousands of other graphics and image options which are immensely helpful to create website.

I did not have any knowledge of graphic designing and was scared about designing my web pages but with the help of these image and other graphics options I was able to design my entire website without any hesitation. I did not have to use any editing software such as the Adobe Photoshop as well. I could set all my graphics and image options online just by few simple clicks. All I had to do was let my imagination run freely and choose amongst various template options. My website now looks so attractive and beautiful that all my clients and friends appreciate it. BlueVoda website builder has also helped me create website that is attracting a great deal of online crowd everyday and helping my business flourish as I speak.

I thought it was always a very tedious, time consuming and complex job to create website. But with the expert help from BlueVoda website builder my business website was ready in just 30 minutes. When I first saw their video which claimed such fast delivery I thought it was fake but now that I have firsthand experience I can tell that every single word was true. I got thousands of very helpful tips, necessary updates, and hints from the forum and they are very useful in order to create website successfully.  Every page of my website including the homepage looks stunning and incorporates everything I wanted to include on them. I couldn’t believe that I could create website that is so efficient and attention grabbing as well, in less than thirty minutes all by myself. This was only because of BlueVoda website builder. The best part of this online website builder in order to create website is that it publishes the website immediately with just a single click.

I wanted to create website that is both SEO friendly and had E-commerce solutions incorporated. Usually a professional website builder takes a great deal of money to do it. But with BlueVoda website builder I was able to incorporate Ecommerce facilities in my website. The automated form builder helped me create website that includes feedback columns and contact forms. All I did was order a web hosting account with a valid email ID with VodaHost and in a very short period of time my ecommerce website was ready for the internet crowd. I received an email from BueVoda website builder that had all the necessary set up information that I needed to know to create website. After the first time I was able to create website as per my requirement, i.e. they helped me create multiple websites. They offer multiple website creation with no space limitations for web pages.

The support team of BlueVoda is fast and exceptionally helpful. Whenever I encountered a problem I sent an email to the support team and my issue was resolved within minutes. It is surely a very safe and secure way to create website. This website builder has no spyware and is completely clean of any kind of malware. I am very happy with this free website builder and I strongly recommend BlueVoda to others.

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