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After working for few years in training and development, my partner and I thought it was time to start our own Institute. We started our own training and development programs and soon realized the importance of a website for our line of work. Students began to demand updated schedules of classes, study materials online. In our initial stage we did not want to get this website done by professionals due to high costs. I thought of to create website on my own by using a website builder. I went on surfing the web for hours to find a good website builder software. Then I came across the best website builder software that was for to create website. The installation file is very small i.e. less than 5 MB. And I customized the interface according to my ease. I was very happy with the fact that I was able to drag the menu bars and toolbars and drop it anywhere on the application in my comfortable position while to create website.

I didn’t know much about programming but that didn’t let me down. With this website builder, knowledge of HTML is not required to create website. It took me few days to get acquainted with the terms like ActiveX controls, Image Map, Navigation Bar etc. These applications and its uses of this website builder helped me to create website for my institute easily. Other than the menu bar, there are seven toolbars offered – Standard, Format, Align, HTML, Advanced and Extra Tools and Form Fields. Each toolbar has a lot of options available. And I was able to customize them by adding or removing features of buttons according to my needs. Moreover it provides links of great tutorials for free which helped me a lot to create website.  The tutorials are very good for beginners. And not to forget about their 24/7 customer support team that was always available. I was able to create website for my own institute and that to giving it a professional look. Pools of logos are available to choose from. Also the collections of templates offered are magnificent. I was happy to create website personalizing the logo in a unique manner.

Using this website builder was my ultimate experience of creating a professional website for my institute. They provide a nice hosting opportunity with which I could create website and get it published on the internet with minimum effort. I would like to recommend everyone to this website builder who is thinking of create website. The tools, templates and customer support they provide will help you to carry on the process to create website without any obstacles. It is not only easy to create website but also easy enough to publish it on web. All I did was register myself with them and order an account. I was able to access all the features, logos, templates etc. Publishing was so easy in just one click. Even after the publishing of website they provide support.

Since I was able to create website for my institute, I needed to keep notice board facilities & banners of upcoming training programmes. With this website builder it was so easy to put on the required things in correct places of my website. I was able to update my coming programmes on the web pretty fast. I was successfully able to create website that was dynamic with this website builder which is an amazing feature. I now keep the study materials available online for our students. I have added features like online admissions, online exams and blogs for students. Creating a multi-paged dynamic website could be so easy and was far from my imagination. My website is now smartly designed, rich in style, sophisticated, and beautiful. With this website builder I was able to transform my dream into reality. So don’t just surf and wait for a website builder, just download BlueVoda for free and start creating your website from the very first day.

I became a fan of BlueVoda. It helped me and my business reach to heights with the website I created with this website builder. This website builder is 100% clean and free from any kind of malware and spyware. I can easily make out one or more webpages within a short time. The loads of logos are just amazing. I was happy to find in this website builder, that the templates can be customized accordingly. People now browse through my webpage and I see that I have a lot of hits on my site. It was easy to create website with this website builder which has a professional look with combination of background colour and an unpublished logo. Thanks to BlueVoda.

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