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BlueVoda is certainly not just an ordinary website builder, it is much more. BlueVoda website builder teaches you how to make a website and you are able to create website which is fantastic in every way. Due to certain circumstances I wasn’t able to complete my education, so naturally I wasn’t able to attain a good job. But I was very interested in cars and car mechanism. I used to do odd jobs repairing cars here and there. You know people started to trust me for my skills. One of my customers came to me one day and said “Why don’t you open your own Garage”? I thought it was a very good idea. I kept fiddling with the idea. Though I set up my own garage but the problem was nobody knew about it. I used to do the minor repairing but my eyes were set to make it bigger. My customers told me to create website propagating my Garage. But I did not know how to make a website! I had heard from my friends that you need a website designer to create website. But I did not have that amount of money to hire a website designer to create website. So how to get a website builder was the big question.

But I wanted to create website anyhow so I learnt the functioning of the Internet. I got to know that you can create website with the help of an automated website builder. So I started searching ways to learn about a website builder. But most of them required you to know the HTML to be able to create website. Now I had neither the strength nor the intelligence to learn HTML. I searched and searched in vain but then one day my customer asked about my website. I told him that I had been unable to create website. Being surprised he said “You have learnt the functioning of the Internet but you haven’t heard about the website builder called BlueVoda?”He told me that BlueVoda website builder teaches you very easily how to create website.

The features of BlueVoda website builder were available free of cost. And the best part you do not need to learn HTML to build a website. The website builder could be downloaded and had free Web Page Backgrounds, Logos and Templates. It gave the option to insert streaming flash, plug-ins and scripts to the website and create website of great quality. I immediately downloaded the website builder. It looked so easy to create website.

I was nervous as I was new to the Internet and didn’t know how to make a website. But BlueVoda Tutorials and Customer Care Representatives took me on the path of how to make a website. They were so polite and cleared all my doubts. BlueVoda website builder provided a working space like MS Word to create website. All the accessories like Contact Us and sign up etc. were given as Icons. BlueVoda website builder also provided a Drag and Drop function to place the Icons easily. I was so excited but slowly and very carefully chose a classy looking webpage. So what if I am a car mechanic, I have class! I placed all the icons. Few of my clients helped me with Reviews and one of them wrote my introduction. It took me only a few hours to create website.

My customers applauded my efforts as it came out to be a good looking website. I had to pay a very trivial amount for the web hosting account and my website was live on the net. I was so proud to see it. It was such a terrific feeling that I, a small time mechanic was able to create website. But BlueVoda website builder taught me how to make a website and made my dream come true.

I had some customers but after my website the number of my clients kept increasing. They were surprised to see a net savvy mechanic! My website is also a multiple page website now with the help of obviously, BlueVoda Website Builder. I am so happy and with so much success, I have been able to turn it into a hi-tech Garage. I am self employed now and I say this with immense pride. Apart from repairing cars, now I also create website for people who do not know how to make a website, courtesy BlueVoda. Really life is great with BlueVoda website builder.

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