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BlueVoda is the world’s best website builder when you wish to design a website! I can definitely vouch for it. It had always been my desire to find out how to create website. It is another matter that I did not bother to make any efforts to learn how to create website. Actually, I am an active member of a local social service organization. Initially, this was not a very big social service set-up. I met this old lady while I was travelling on the Euro rail one day. She was old yet very confident and dynamic. Her children had forsaken her and she wanted to start a social service centre to help elderly people like her. The moment I heard her story and seeing her intent, I decided to join her. We were successful in gathering few other people. But we all know that in this age of the internet, no effort is enough without the support of a proper website. This time I had to create website, there were no two ways about it. As soon as our organization was properly licensed, we started thinking of ways to promote the organization because we needed start collecting donations. Since it was a social service organization with very little funds, we wanted to create website with as little expense as possible.

Unfortunately, I did not know the technique of how to create website. So to begin with, we needed a good website builder with which we could create website.  Other popular website builders that I tried to create website with were just too expensive. I thought of hiring a professional website builder but they charged a big sum and where was the money?  I overheard a few youngsters discussing about the BlueVoda website builder at a coffee shop and that was enough inspiration. I downloaded the website builder software to create website for my organization, although I did not know even the basic steps of how to create website.

After installing the BlueVoda website builder software, I was taken to a work area like MS Word which had numerous tools to create website. The website builder gave a number of templates, web page backgrounds and logos to build a website of highest quality. BlueVoda provided many video tutorials which had instructions about how to build a website. In my attempts to create website in a highly attractive manner, I imported drop down menus, information request boxes, moving image panels etc. All these were accomplished by a person who just used to browse the internet and play video games.

What to tell you about the moment I saw my finished website? The website was published on the net with just one click with the help of web hosting service VodaHost. It was simply magical.  I was over the moon! I had created a website! Yes, I took the help of a website builder but so what? I was able to create website! Can you imagine? But honestly, BlueVoda website builder does this to people – making them a bit arrogant. Creating a website is no mean achievement.

BlueVoda gave me confidence and I built my own website and helped few other friends to create website with this website builder. One of my friends, Donald created a website after I told him about this fantastic website builder. Although he wasn’t a professional, without any kind of formal education on how to build a website, yet he was able to build a very attractive website.

Our website soon became familiar with many people and all of them contributed whole-heartedly to our cause. With each passing day, the number of people joining our list kept increasing and we started getting more and more volunteers from all around the world. To help those  who are in need, especially the old and infirmed, is reward enough; but what makes it all the more worthwhile is the fact that with the help of BlueVoda website builder, I did not have to use even a cent from my social service organization to create website. It is certainly true that when you do a good deed even God comes to your aid. Wow! It was really a blessing and the bonus was that I was able to learn how to create website. BlueVoda is not just a website builder; it is a God’s gift. So why wait, just latch on BlueVoda and become a website builder yourself. You will be amazed at the convenience that BlueVoda offers.

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