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Even a dunce can create website using BlueVoda

I was a complete dunce when it came to how to make a website using HTML editors, Dreamweaver or, it seemed, any other website builder tools. I was assigned a create website project for my college course by my tutor and since I did not know much about how to make a website or web site design, I consciously forgot about the site till the deadline was just a day away. My tutor asked me to show her the create website assignment the very next day and that’s when I hit the panic button and memory flooded back. I couldn’t use any of the website builder software or HTML editors that I’d found so far, it was all Greek me. When I searched for finding the ways to create website and in fact, how to make a website in a single day, I could not really understand a single word since I am not very much into computers, website builders or designing stuff. Maybe I’d picked the wrong course.

create website

While frantically searching I stumbled upon the BlueVoda website builder which was offering the unbelievable option of helping me learn how to make a website in 30 minutes without any knowledge of HTML. I couldn’t believe my eyes, then I read again about BlueVoda remarkable solution on how to make a website. The best thing about the BlueVoda website builder is that it shows you exactly what your website will look like as you create website. I immediately downloaded the BlueVoda website builder software, which was happily compatible with my Windows Vista operating system. First I went through the easy to understand how to make a website tutorial videos and I quickly understood that I just needed to drag and drop my way to creating my very first website.

I started out by uploading the logo and slogan of my college, I already had all the materials and photographs and I just needed to fill them in within the text area of my BlueVoda website builder. My BlueVoda website builder had amazing collection of create website backgrounds, create website components and create website templates. I searched through the components and chose those whose colors were very similar with the logo of our college. I selected a white background and blue and green themed template and components.

I finished designing the ten pages for my college create website project in 70 minutes flat, of course taking a few well earned coffee breaks as I went. However I was unable to link my Web Pages together, so I visited the BlueVoda support forum and posted my query in hope of help on how to make a website. Viola! In just couple of minutes a few members had given me the solution to my create website problem. I thanked them and got back to work again. I linked all the pages together and then I used the “One Click Publishing” tool to host my site on BlueVoda hosting servers. In few minutes the Web Pages I had designed had transformed into a fully functional website. I was amazed, I couldn’t believe that a person like me, who doesn’t really know the ABC’s of website designing could learn how to make a website that looked so stunning.

The next day at college I proudly showed the website to my tutor and she was very impressed that I had learned how to make a website that looked so good. She just went on praising me for making a very professional looking website, and in my heart I was thanking the BlueVoda website builder for making me the apple of my tutors’ eye. I have since continued using the BlueVoda website builder as it continues to help teach me how to make a website and makes any create website assignment really fun.

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