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How to make your own website with BlueVoda

To answer the question “how to make your own website?” many an aspirants have used a variety of tools and spent a whole lot of money. A few of them have been successful and a few have failed. Let us examine and compare the options to create a website using the traditional methods using web editor and builder site software.

The traditional method involved to create a website is complex and confusing while the builder site method is more rewarding. The traditional method that answers “how to make your own website” involves using an html editor or a web editor to write the code in a scripting language like html, PHP or ASP. The process also involves the use of a professional image editor, an FTP client and preview software.  To create a website is thus a tedious process and involves a great cost (in excess of $1000) in the traditional method. The extra cost of domain name registration and hosting plan are however common to both methods. In addition to these costs, the time involved is great and technical expertise required to create a website in this method needs to be learn at an extra cost, i.e. to learn using the software like the web editor. If you are wondering how to make your own website for a one-off use like a personal blog or for your small business, the traditional method to create a website could prove expensive and tedious.

On the other hand using a site builder software does not involve all the above costs apart from the domain name and hosting charges. A builder site software is a software that helps create a website from scratch without being technically savvy. Normally, any builder site software comes free of cost for a given period. In a bid to answer the million dollar question – how to make your own website, you can try anyone of them for some time and if you like it, you can acquire it at a nominal cost. A builder site software integrates a web editor in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology and helps a common man to create a website with relative ease. A lot of free image editors are also available that can be used for graphic editing in the quality required for web sites. Hope this information is useful to answer your question – how to make your own website. Let us discuss builder site software and its web editor in more detail.

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If you are wondering how to make your own website, the answer could be builder site software. The best of the lot available today is the BlueVoda website builder. You can Google the term and find it easily over the internet. This builder site software is free to download and does not have any time restrictions, which means that you never have to buy a license. Also, you can create as many websites as you want and keep the web editor for life. This builder site software is a part of the VodaHost web hosting package that offers a free domain name and gives you almost unlimited options for just $7.99 a month. Compare that to the cost to create a website in the traditional way which could set you back by over a $1000 and the recurring costs to keep your hosting. Using BlueVoda, you are paying only the recurring costs. Does this put your mind and pocket to rest in the quest to how to make your own website?


BlueVoda builder site software is easy to use and it takes about a day to create a website and make it go live with the integrated web editor. At the first trial, you could take some time to go through and understand the working of this builder site software and its web editor. It is highly user friendly and thus has a lot of menu options that are easily understandable.  So, if are still wondering how to make your own website, BlueVoda web editor is the best option available.

To create a website takes some planning and thus before you get to actually building it the traditional way or the BlueVoda web editor way, you have to have an image in mind as to what it would look like. The BlueVoda builder site software to create a website is actually a web editor that is much easier to use than its contemporaries like FrontPage or DreamWeaver. It is also free to use. Its web editor has a lot of drag and drops and click options that can actually speed up the process to create a website. From simple websites to the ecommerce ones, anything can be created on BlueVoda depending on your proficiency with it. So, how to make your own website is a question that is easily understood using BlueVoda builder site software.

I have used the BlueVoda builder site software to create a website with great success. Before I got to BlueVoda, using a web editor was all Greek to me and after a lot of trials I had dropped the idea to find an answer to the question – how to make your own website. However, with the BlueVoda web editor, I have succeeded in building a host of websites over the last two years. This experience to create a website has been so enlightening that anyone who asks me for a web editor is given a standard answer – BlueVoda.

While any other web editor used in the traditional website development industry offers a plethora of options, it is only useful when you are trained to use. But for a person who wonders “how to make your own website?” the BlueVoda builder site software is a blessing in disguise. It saves time, money and effort and helps create a website in record time.

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