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I can honestly say I am a big fan of the BlueVoda website builder. I have lost count of the opportunities I’ve had because I used BlueVoda to create website. At the same time as learning how to make a website, I was able to enjoy it, have fun and eventually make some money from my site.

Originally I was just looking for a website that I could showcase my pottery pieces on. Pottery is my hobby and after many friends commented how good my pieces were, I decided to see if I could actually make a living from it. Obviously I did not want to pay a webmaster hundreds of dollars to create website for me and I had heard about using a website builder to learn how to make a website so I searched all over the internet for the best one.

The BlueVoda website builder was actually the third create website software that I downloaded and I never went on to download a fourth in figuring out how to make a website. The drag and drop feature of the BlueVoda website builder is so easy to use. You can learn how to make a website purely from trial and error and if you need guidance then there is an extensive online base of video tutorials that tell you everything about how to make a website. You can also sign up to the BlueVoda website builder forum where lots of advice on how to create website  is posted daily and you can take ideas from other people who are also learning how to make a website.

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Whilst learning how to make a website I decided I needed image galleries to showcase my pottery pieces from every angle. The image modules were easy to install with the BlueVoda create website software as were PayPal functions so that I could actually sell my pieces there and then. To date I have made over $500 from selling my pottery pieces on my website and the only thing that I needed to pay for was the hosting account. Learning how to create website was free!

As I am a novice when it comes to learning how to make to website, I was very apprehensive about actually publishing my site on to the world-wide web. It was all done within a couple of clicks and I was able to start advertising immediately.  I had previously picked up a few search engine optimization techniques simply by reading the BlueVoda website builder forum, I implemented these techniques whilst learning how to create website and within a month my website was on the first page of Google for my chosen keyword.

Just last week I updated my website by adding a comment box for people to review my pottery pieces and the BlueVoda website builder enabled me to insert the comment box in just two minutes. I love the BlueVoda website builder and simply because it gives me total control over my business, I do not have to pay out every time I want to update my portfolio either. Learning how to make a website has saved me hundreds of dollars and by using BlueVoda to create website, it means less stress then relying on someone else.

No one can go wrong with BlueVoda website builder and the potential is there to learn how to make a website that will match any site designed by a professional webmaster. Forget all the other create website builders which are basic or hard to use, just go straight to BlueVoda website builder and enjoy learning how to make a website that will definitely become your pride and joy. Create website has never been so fun but it is now.

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