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The most misleading myth of the virtual world is that it takes a lot of effort and money to put up a website and do business by using it. This could be partly attributed to the fact that most people do not know about a website maker and resort to a host of web design software to achieve the required. This could also be partly because most business people understand the importance of a website and feel that it reflects the goodwill of their business as well as a personality which once misunderstood cannot be repaired. Whatever the situation and whatever the need, if the process of making a website is simplified by the use of a website maker and if the technical complexity of web design software is simplified, making a website can be easier, economical and faster. Let us look at the traditional process that uses web design software first.

Web design software is mainly used by web development companies and mainly consists of a html editor, an image editor, an FTP client and whatever rest is required as per the style and operational logistics. This set of software costs over $1500 to license and the number of licenses required would be almost equal to the number of computer the company allocates for such work. This in addition to work force costs, running costs and the infrastructure outlay amounts to a lot of money and thus a web site development company charges a good sum of money to create a website. Using a website maker would negate these costs and can make a website for you in the fastest manner possible. Also, a website maker integrates all the above mentioned web design software and works as a complete independent unit making sure that there are no compatibility issues to write home about.

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The seamless process of creating a website using a website maker thus depends on the website maker that you choose for the said job at hand. A lot of variety is available in the website maker market today and almost all such web design software is free to use. Most of the website maker software come with time bound licensing which means that you will need to purchase a license for the website maker once the trial period is over. Many other website maker software packages can be purchased for a nominal cost upfront. Also, all these website maker software have varied costs, features and need a little technical expertise to use. What happens, if you are technically challenged and you cannot get technical at all and add to that, you do not want to miss the internet business bandwagon? You can outsource the making of your website to a web development company and pay them an astronomical price where you do not know how the business will work out or you can embark upon creating your own website with the help of a website maker that is absolutely non-technical. There is a way out, to use an integrated and free web design software.

Your search for a truly easy and completely free website maker ends with the BlueVoda website maker. The BlueVoda website maker is by far the easiest to use among the similar website maker software available today. In fact, a ten year old can create a website if he or she is given enough time to play around with this web design software some. Also, the BlueVoda website maker does not have any trial versions and is completely free, it has no payments involved. You can use the BlueVoda website maker to create website after website for years. The BlueVoda website maker is integrated and forms the core of the VodaHost hosting package that comes with a free domain name and costs only $7.99 a month with almost all options unlimited. However, the BlueVoda website maker can be downloaded free of cost and used even without opting for the hosting package.

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