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Too many people have really bad websites because they took the DIY (do it yourself) approach. I wanted to create website but I didn’t want it to look poor. A friend from the Chamber of Commerce showed me the website they created with BlueVoda website builder and I was impressed. They told me more about the website builder and how easy it was to use to create website. I took another look at the site they created and knew that I found the way I would create website.

The main reason I wanted to create website was because I didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to have a website designer do it for me. I had gotten an estimate for a company that was in the ballpark of $7,000. While I know that a good website is going to help bring business to me, this wasn’t an expense that I could justify in the slightest. I needed a website builder so I could create website on my own.

BlueVoda was impressive from the very beginning. As soon as I created an account, I was given access to the website builder and I started to create website. I was able to choose from hundreds of templates. Each template was unique in its own way and they covered a wide range of industries. I found one that I liked and was able to implement it right away.

There were tutorials to guide me every step of the way. I wanted to add my logo to the top of the homepage and had no idea how to do it. While I knew the basics, it was way too large when I originally placed it. There was a video tutorial that showed me what I needed to do inside of the website builder to create website. Within minutes, I fixed my logo and had it centered perfectly, and at the right height.

From there, I was able to create text boxes and add all my personalized content. I was told about some SEO tips from people that I worked with and so I began adding a variety of pages. Multiple landing pages were added to focus on the different products that I had to offer. No matter how many pages I added to create website, the website builder kept up and I could add as many as I wanted without being charged for them.

Too many website builders that I’ve seen in the past wanted to charge for each and every thing they help with when I create website. The whole reason I wanted to use a website builder is because I couldn’t afford a lot. I knew I was in a tough spot because I wanted a professional website without having to pay for it. That’s why I fell in love with BlueVoda as soon as I started working with it. I suddenly had the professional website I always wanted and it didn’t cost me anything to create.

BlueVoda website builder truly changed the way I do business. I create website page every few weeks and just add it to the rest of the content online. I never have to worry about a limit because the website builder doesn’t have a limit. I could create website with unlimited web pages if I wanted to and the website builder would allow me to do so.

Another aspect of the website builder that I really enjoyed using was the fact that I could publish any content and it would show up within seconds. If I didn’t proof a page before I published, I could go back and fix my mistake within a minute so no one would see my slip up. If I wanted to enter information about a sale I was having, I could have the information up there quickly to be able to promote what was going on.

Being able to create website that I could be proud of was important to me. There are many website builders out there, but none allowed me to create website that looked professional. They all looked like a DIY website and that’s what I didn’t want. Now I have been able to create website without spending a lot of time or money.

If anyone needs a website builder to create website for their business, I highly recommend BlueVoda because it’s easy to use and there are no limitations on the program like some of the other website builders I’ve seen in the past.

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