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Hi all! I’m Don and here represent a group of enthusiasts. Our enthusiasm is for aviation and our members are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about aviation, aircraft, history and everything that connects all those together. So there’s no mincing of words, we would not consider ourselves nerds nor computer geeks. You could say we do it our way own. This is what we do in our hobby of aviation; we are the pilots (of sorts).

One fine day we all got together and had a serious talk over beers. The subject matter of the talk was how to make a website, rope in more enthusiasts from near and far and create a global group of aviation enthusiasts, showcase works on the web, have a history museum online for aviation and how to do it articles, postings, forums and so on. In jest we considered a dating section but chose to not include it; this is about flying, not crashing.

“Fine”, says Juan, my friend, “how do we go about it? How to make a website? It will cost a lot to get a website builder to create website of that type and these guys are expensive you know”. Juan always worries… mostly about money. That is because he has too much of it, his father being rich and all. He ought to worry about how to make a website using a website builder and launch ourselves all over cyberspace if you ask me.

“Nope” says Pedro, another friend. “It won’t cost a lot. All we’ve to do is find a free website builder and make pages like we do in Word. We use website builder to create website. How to make a website will be explained in tutorials. We learn how to make a website, we make it and then upload it. That’s that. Why worry about how to get the job done when you can use a ready-made website builder tool to create website”, he repeated himself. That’s his habit I guess. It don’t bother me none.

That’s settled then. “Let’s go for it boys” I said.

create website

So we spent the next few days surfing the net, searching everywhere for tips on how to make a website, the best website builder, how to create website using free WYSIWYG editors and so on. Then we sit down and talked some more. The three of us were unanimous that BlueVoda was the best free software to use to discover how to make a website (Cathy our friend overheard us and asked us if we were planning to drink Vodka but we explained that it was BlueVoda we were talking about and it is not a drink). Very many people recommend it as their choice of website builder to create website. We then downloaded this free software (freebies are so nice, aren’t they?) and ran it on our computers. We also downloaded some templates to go with it and ended up choosing a nice template that suited our aviation theme, you guessed it, with sky blue colors.

As we toiled to create website, on my computer I got to work on our group history, our achievements and works we have done. Juan worked on the photos in his computer and uses BlueVoda to create that part of the web about history of aviation. Pedro works on his computer and uses BlueVoda to create pages on blogging, posts and forums, feedbacks, memberships, etc. He is very good at that sort of thing.

So when they ask me what I am doing I tell them I have learnt how to make a website using this zippy BlueVoda website builder. We have create website in a day says Juan rather proudly as if he wrote the code himself and not BlueVoda that did it in the background but who am I to remind him? So much so he says that even in his sleep he mutters the words “to create website…” over and over again.

This BlueVoda is a free to use website builder, so we can download once and use it on any number of computers and learn how to make a website and create website. It has lots of features one sees on the websites. Flash, video, banners, registrations, subscriptions, feedbacks, forums and all. We used flash, video and subscription and feedbacks and forums features in our website. It looked just great. BlueVoda, the website builder that sounded to Cathy like Vodka did it all. Learning how to make a website with the inbuilt tutorial was a gas. We were able to create website and launch it and now but a month later we are getting emails and feedback through the site from people as far away as Kazakhstan and Iceland, Papua New Guinea, Tasmania and Morocco. It is this aviation thing; you can fly around the globe you see.

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