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I’m a painter and I paint using brushes, paint and canvas but I also paint using computer software. I create rich visually impressive imagery and get commissions and orders and sell my paintings. I wished to do more and get more orders and really capitalize on my skills and I felt the only effective way was to get on the internet. It is the worldwide market to be present in, at least this was the sum of the opinions I received from all my acquaintances. I decided on a website, registered my domain name and then set out to create website. How to create a website, though?

My requirements were simple enough. I wanted a website that would/could:
1. Display my images and text in a graphically and visually pleasing manner
2. On clicking an image one could see an enlarged view;
3. Details of the image on clicking through a pop-up
4. An option of a shopping cart and payment options, options of bidding like in auctions
5. Feedback form and a forum to express opinions and share knowledge
6. Include video samples of my work
7. Include a download section
8. Include a contact page

There were many a website builder available to me but I was not satisfied that they would be able to create website that would be visually impressive enough to convey my uniqueness and special skills, besides, they asked for too high a price. I needed to update my website regularly. The running costs of employing a website builder to create website and maintain it regularly would cost a lot. How to make a website was a question that ran through my mind the most for many days.

website builder

‘Do it on your own.” ‘Learn how to make a website.’ ‘Use a website builder for your web.’ ‘Create website using Dreamweaver.’ were the varying opinions of my friends. I arrived at a decision to make my own website. I would learn how to make a website but how to learn how to make a website? Which website builder software should I use? How to create website that was a reflection of my art? My knowledge of computers was limited to word processing, image editing and video graphics. HTML and Java and internet related terminology left me stumped.

I browsed the net searching for reviews and opinions and guidance on how to make a website. An exhaustive search led me to the BlueVoda website. Since the website builder was free I decided to give it a try in my efforts to create website and downloaded it and installed it. I was finally going to learn how to make a website. On opening up BlueVoda I found the interface very nicely laid out. I tried various functions. Here was something that offered more than what I needed. I spent a couple of days studying the tutorials on how to make a website and was impressed. This was the website builder that would create website for me. My search had ended. I learnt how to make a website and tried making a few pages and previewed them in my browser. The results were great, way better than what I had imagined they would be. If any website builder could create website for me it was this one I decided.

I outlined my website and got down to creating the pages and linking them. I used my custom images for the buttons and links. For the background I used images from my portfolio. I put up a banner where images created by me faded in and out. On separate pages I showcased my videos and paintings. I even created a shopping cart. It was a virtual showroom and I was proud of it. How to create a website never presented any problems using BlueVoda. It was the website builder to create website with a visually rich appeal as I had imagined and visualized it. Uploading did not present any difficulties and I had a website up and running. It did take some time but the effort was well worth it and I was satisfied. Today I am receiving orders through my websites and making good sales all thanks to BlueVoda! Were it not for BlueVoda that taught me how to make a website and create website I would never have got myself a web presence. This is no exaggeration, just the plain and simple truth. Using this free website builder I have been able to build a website that is professional and visually appealing, that reflects my image as an artist the way I want it to be.

It does have added features like active-x controls, plug-ins and others that I have yet to explore but in time I will get to know and use all its features. For the moment I am a happy man, I have learned how to make a website using the amazing BlueVoda. Creating website is never easier than when using BlueVoda. This website builder not only creates website but also teaches you how it can be done in the easiest possible fashion. Could you ask for more?

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