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Do you want to start your own online business? Do you have no idea about creating a website design? Well, if you want to learn how to build a website, you are perhaps like I once was. When I started, I did not have any information about website design, a website builder and so on. In other words, I just did not know how to build a website but this was before I was introduced to BlueVoda website builder. How? Read on to find out how I created my very own website design.

I worked at a retail shop as an account manager, when one day it came to my mind that I would start my own grocery shop. I did not have much money to go big and hence, I decided to start with a small shop, and then expand it. The only issue was marketing; I did not know how to market my shop without spending much money on advertisements. Online marketing, I read, was a powerful tool and it said that the very first thing you need is to create a website design. I called some web programmers to inquire about their rates and I was shocked as their rates were way too high. I wondered to myself, if I don’t know how to build a website, would I be able to create my website design?

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I wanted to save money on website design, so that I could invest that money in buying inventory. How to build a website, though? There was this review of a website builder called BlueVoda on a website I came across and I read it and went to the website of this website builder. There I learned how to build a website without technical interference. I also watched all the brief tutorial videos of this website builder explaining how to build a website. After having convinced myself that this was a genuine website builder that could teach me how to build a website, I decided to purchase it.

BlueVoda did not disappoint me. It gave me easy-to-understand instructions to create the website design of my choice. The drag and drop feature of BlueVoda website builder made the entire process of creating a website design like child’s play. This website builder offered me a number of pre-designed website templates too so if you’re asking how to build a website without any prior knowledge of HTML then the answer is the BlueVoda website builder. Creating a website design with this tool would not take me more than an hour.

I have a number of websites now and I have also taught my workers how to build a website. Every weekend, I lecture my workers on how to build a website using BlueVoda. This has helped me broaden my reach. Now, I can proudly say that I can create a good looking website design using BlueVoda in just about the advertised thirty minutes. This website building tool is simply amazing; it does not bore you with tech jargon, nor does it make tall promises. BlueVoda delivers exactly what it promises. That is the beauty of this user-friendly and completely affordable website builder.

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