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BlueVoda is better than the best website builder out there. I think the main reason to create website is unique for sure. I had once lied to a few of my friends that I design websites and am a professional while working with site builders. I got stuck when one of them asked me to teach him how to create website and I had no idea how to go about even using a website builder. So at that time I made an excuse and delayed the teaching session on how to build a website and decided to learn the basics on how to build a website. I frantically looked for some site builders that would help me learn how to build a website so that I could create website of my own as well. I then came across this website builder called BlueVoda and realized I had hit bull’s-eye. After I started to use the software, I realized it was so much fun to create website.

BlueVoda website builder has such great features to offer that anyone would fall in love with it. The best thing that happened to me was learning how to build a website without having to spend much money. Once I found BlueVoda, I had to spend no money as it’s totally free of cost and easy to download. To create website with this website builder is so easy. One can learn how to build a website and then continue building websites forever. It’s as simple and fun to play around with. There were so many beautiful pre-designed templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers from which I could pick and choose. One does not need to know how to use HTML as all you need to do is simply drag and drop to create website. Learning how to build a website can never get easier than with BlueVoda.

Compared to other website builder I had used before, BlueVoda is simply great! It gives you the privilege to create website of not one page but multiple pages. It also has a huge library which provides unlimited images, templates and logos to fill your website with class and grandeur. You can choose any template that you think is relevant to your theme and insert it on the working area that is given to create website. What more, you can add streaming videos to your website!

After creating the website with BlueVoda website builder, I was thrilled to see the result.  It was simply gorgeous. Since I was only trying (I didn’t know that this website builder could help me create website so easily) I had chosen Hollywood as the theme to create website. It was grand to say the least! I was told I had to order a webhosting account to activate the website. I had to pay a nominal fee and my website was on!

I was so happy I forgot everything. Would believe it? I got a call from my friend. He told me very excitedly about a new website on Hollywood. He said it was grand and had all the information about the actors and their movies. And when I told him it that I was the one that create website, he was stunned! He did not believe me.

Initially I did not tell him about BlueVoda and showed him all the websites I had made using the website builder. Trust me; he got so excited to see all my work and effort. He asked me repeatedly how did I create website and where did I learn how to build a website.  I disclosed my little secret of having used the world’s best website builder.  I told him how simply he could also learn how to build a website like I did and impress all his friends. He was so thankful to me for telling him all about this website builder.

I now have made many of my own websites, many of which are multi-page website which again is a great feature provided by the website builder and you know my website looks like it was made by a professional. BlueVoda website builder has not only taught me how to create website but it has also helped me to choose my career. After using BlueVoda, I have decided to become a professional website builder and I am getting many contracts to create website also. I have many students who want to learn how to create website and I’m happy to oblige. Really BlueVoda website builder is great!

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