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With businesses moving towards virtual world at a frenzied pace, it is imperative that all of us or at least most us vying to conduct online business become a little more technologically savvy. Sounds a little improbable doesn’t it? It sure did to me a couple of years back when I did not know what a website was all about. I am quite technically challenged even today. Can you believe it? I can actually put together a website in less than an hour, it may not be the best technically, but it sure will be businesslike and will be more than presentable. In fact, I am running about a dozen websites today and all of them are making decent money for me. If you do not yet understand, I still do not know what HTML or PHP stand for, forget stuff like CSS and MySQL that most of my co-workers seem to show off using.

I still remember the day when one of my old office colleagues (back when I was still a nine to fiver) told me about a “website builder”. This got me interested since I was always interested to work independently and work online. So, I went back home and Google “website builder”. A lot of stuff showed up, and I sat through the night sifting through the results that were free to try. I downloaded quite a few and installed them on my desktop, and believe me, many of them did kind of work and did claim to create websites very easily.

I spent about a month on miscellaneous stuff, installing and uninstalling. Believe me almost all of them were not as easy as they claimed to be. In the process, I also had to get my Windows operating system, reinstalled since some of the stuff I downloaded corrupted “system files”. Still, I was did not give up.

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I finally got to the free website building software called, “BlueVoda.” I took a deep breath and installed it on my computer. I went through it only once and I did not have to go back through it again. Viola, this was what I was looking for. In simple words, I can say today that BlueVoda is a professional website builder with a complete set of all required accessories and tools and a built in FTP support to upload your website automatically. An all-in-one solution for all my woes, I probably could have tried learning HTML or PHP in the 30-40 days I spent getting to BlueVoda, but looking back at it, I would have wasted my time. This was “THE” solution to create website with “NO” technical knowledge at all….!

I played around with BlueVoda for about 10 to 15 days often repeating myself, not that it takes that much time to lean using it, but to make sure that I get my basics right in my quest to create website. This website maker, I was convinced, was here to stay and stay for long. A lot of developments have come through since and BlueVoda has studiously incorporated almost all of them into its beautiful free to use website maker. Today, when you  use the latest BlueVoda, I can see that I take lesser time and create websites in a much better manner that I did before. This, I partly owe to my experience using VodaHost and  BlueVoda and mostly to the enhancements in BlueVoda.

During those times, I would not say that it was as easy as ABC but I did not encounter any issues that were not resolved with the use of online video tutorials that BlueVoda provided in my efforts to use the website builder. Believe it or not, using such site builder is second nature to me now. Anywhere, anytime, if you have an internet connection and have BlueVoda installed, I can create website and go live in a matter of minutes (apart from planning the site of course). I have never felt the need to learn any technicalities since and I am still as technically challenged as I was (believe it or not, it took me a month to learn texting when I bought my first mobile).  All I am good at is following instructions and I did that to the “T”. That is the secret of my success in learning to use BlueVoda.  I am sure most of us are adept at that since this is primary skill we learn in school.

The best advantage that BlueVoda offers is that it is completely drag-and-drop. With an extremely easy to use interface which is similar to FrontPage or Dreamweaver, which most techies use, this site builder takes the cake when it comes automated coding. You can customize the best of templates using BlueVoda and there are a host of BlueVoda templates on offer, completely free. BlueVoda also has a world-class hosting service through VodaHost  that starts at $7.95 and it makes a complete package for any web bases business.

BlueVoda in addition to being the best website builder available in the market and offering inexpensive hosting solutions, also has a huge logo and graphics library from which you can choose the graphics for your website and edit them using standard software. Being a complete website builder, BlueVoda is being seen as a one stop solution for most web designing needs.

The magical aspect of using such a site builder is that you can customize the software application to suit your needs and it hardly takes any space on your hard disk (around 4 to 5 MB). In my bid to create my first website, it did feel a little depressing that I did not have the much needed technical expertise, but today, I feel that it is not actually required. I need to concentrate more on running my business (through websites) rather than wonder about how the website works. Leave the technical aspects to the techies and use your core competencies in a more focused manner. This is the key to success in any realm of life.

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