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BlueVoda website builder is very powerful and easy-to-use!

I must admit that I had some apprehensions about switching to using new website builder software after years of using my old Frontpage and Editplus. But after I started using the BlueVoda website builder, I admit I am now hooked! The easy-to-use and powerful BlueVoda website builder software made it simple to create my website with shopping cart for my small business by myself, without needing to spend big bucks on hiring a web designer.

Here I will tell you how I got started using BlueVoda website builder. First I downloaded the software from the  BlueVoda site. The download was less than 5 MB and went smoothly. I was then able to download a free web template, background, logo, from the BlueVoda image library.
I chose File, New Page in the software and started on my website. Then I added text, graphics, and tables of features and specs for my products. All this is done easily through easy-to-find toolbar buttons.I then  created more pages for each of my products. I have 10 products that I sell through my small business. I was able to customize the generated page code (HTML) through View -> Page HTML… option. You do not need to do this though, as the software generates pretty clean HTML coding that needs little hand-editing – something very welcoming after seeing the bloated code generated by Frontpage!If you need to , it is comforting to know that you CAN edit the HTML as minutely as you wish to. I then added Paypal “Buy Now…” buttons and voila! I had my own small business on the website published within a matter of three hours and at no additional cost!

Things like BlueVoda website builder are hard to come by. Somebody once said,  “All good things in life are free”. So is BlueVoda. I would highly recommend this free website builder software to any small business owner looking to get a fully-functional website without needing to spend big bucks.

It seems there are many hundreds of people like me who are extremely satisfied with using BlueVoda. I chose to host my site with VodaHost , which does cost a modest amount, but it is still very affordable and priced reasonably.

I was a bit skeptical when I read the raving customer reviews, as I always take them with a pinch of salt, regardless of the product being reviewed.However, I was totally blown on this one! The customers are right about this one! The BlueVoda website builder is a pleasure to use and it is quite powerful too!

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I had access to video tutorials which clearly explained the basic and advanced functionalities of BlueVoda website builder. I only needed to watch a couple of the videos, but if you don’t know much about web designing, you may want to view all of them. They are all in easy to understand perfect normal English, nothing too technical.

By using their free website templates, I was able to save lots of money which I would otherwise have spent on hiring good web designers. There are also hundreds of page backgrounds, and shopping cart templates, all free!You can even download image files of icons, bullets, and pre-designed logos. You also have access to a professional logo builder if you want a custom logo that is not found in the free logos zip file.

If you need more professionally designed page templates, their website at offers 1000s of low cost templates.

The BlueVoda community support forum seems to be very active and users are actively helping out newbies and those astounded by the feature sets. You also get timely and professional customer support from the BlueVoda people.

The BlueVoda software is what people call WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and you only need to know how to drag and drop page elements on the page you are trying to build. If you are not familiar with this procedure, the video tutorials will certainly help you do this on your own.There is even a built-in link checker for checking out all those outbound links to weed out the dead links. There is also a FTP manager to transfer the HTML page files to your web host from within the BlueVoda website builder software.You can also check the spelling of your pages from within the software. As you drag and drop various page elements, if you choose Edit – Properties option, you can customize the look and feel of each element to a high degree of precision.

BlueVoda website builder seems to have been around for many years now, and it has grown in stability and it is a solid and robust product, something you don’t get often when using FREE software.  You can customize the HTML block generated for each page element by right clicking on the object, and choosing “HTML….” Or by pressing Ctrl+H. This is something not found on other website builder software (including Frontpage).

You are able to  embed movies, audio clips, and flash files easily when using BlueVoda website builder. You only need to hold your mouse for a little while on those tiny buttons on the toolbar and a helpful tooltip appears letting you know for what it is used. There is a helpful “Preview” button that lets you preview in your browser how your page is going to look with the current design and coding. Everything you could think of from any good website builder software is built into the BlueVoda website builder! I especially found the “Ad Banner Rotator” very useful as you will frequently want to show changing ads on your pages. This is again something that is not in Frontpage or any other website builder software that I know of…

If you are still thinking if  you should ditch your Frontpage and go for BlueVoda, I highly recommend you do it! Your HTML skills will improve over time as you use the software more and more. All in all I would say for the price (FREE) this is an unbeatable deal! You only pay for hosting, if you choose to use VodaHost hosting. To download the BlueVoda website builder, visit the site

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