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Myrtle had never really considered taking up being a website builder. It was, in fact, the farthest thing from her mind and if anyone had suggested to her that she would have been able to create website herself, or even suggested that she had the first idea how to make a website she might have suggested they lay off the single malt. Yet, in retrospect, it seems that she was very, very wrong. Not only has Myrtle managed to create website but she has also massively enjoyed the process of learning how to make a website and the ends that her website gives her. You see, the bridge between these two circumstances has most certainly been the BlueVoda website builder.

Myrtle works for her local pound and had always felt that, given the amount of people she knows around her town, it would be a lot faster to re-home if there were a simple website dedicated to the matter which could be monitored by her friends and the town’s community as a whole. As no one else seemed to know how to make a website or have the ability to create website Myrtle, who is an enterprising woman, decided that she must take the matter into her own hands.

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With the help of her son she downloaded the BlueVoda website builder and set about learning how to make a website. At first she added tool after tool until the page was a cluttered mess. It was all very easy to do even though she knew almost nothing about how to make a website but after sitting back for a while she realized that she must keep it simple and began her create website venture again very quickly adding a bit of informative text, contact details and a few images here and there.

She sat back again and realized that the simple website was, even after just a few minutes, almost complete and that, in fact she was now a website builder. Myrtle added a few pages of information about the animals that currently needed new homes and published her site, sending a friendly e-mail to her friends to let them know.

Now Myrtle is well known for her website and her friends, animal lovers all, have it bookmarked and always keep an eye on it. Many more four-legged friends have new homes now thanks to Myrtle’s belief that she could learn how to make a website and to the BlueVoda website builder which allowed her to create website quickly and easily.

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