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Joan and Derek are one of the most successful stories when it comes to people who have used the BlueVoda website builder to create website. Their story goes to show that if you really want to do something then it can be done. They learned how to make a website in around a week.

Just over a year ago, they decided to sell everything they had and move to France where they had bought a small hotel. Things were not going very well though, as all the advertisements in magazines and newspapers had bought them few customers and they found it difficult to get any contracts with major tour operators either. A friend advised them that they needed to create website to advertise on the internet and because they had no money left, he directed them to the BlueVoda website builder so they could learn how to make a website.

As  they only just about knew how to switch a on a computer and send emails they were apprehensive about the task of building a website. At the BlueVoda website they found all the in-depth instructions to download and use the BlueVoda website builder software for free as well as the BlueVoda create website tutorials; these are really helpful when it comes to learning how to make a website as users are able to pause and play at their own will,  so they can use them at the same time as building their real website.

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They were very surprised that one week later they had indeed built their website and were now looking for a hosting account to publish it to the world-wide web. Joan and Derek set that up and when they saw their finished website they could not believe that they had learnt how to make a website to that high standard in just a week.

Joan and Derek had managed to create website with a colorful homepage with photos of their hotel and an introductory text. They also had a state of the art menu bar that lead the customers to photos of the rooms, descriptions and prices. Another page was all about the town that they lived in and also included a Google map and directions on how to get there from the airport. Joan and Derek had definitely learnt how to make a website with the BlueVoda website builder.

Joan and Derek also implemented a PayPal feature as well as an availability box. All this was done by two people who, a few weeks ago, only just about knew how to send an email. The truth is that Joan and Derek did it all themselves. The BlueVoda website builder just helped them to take it to the next level by truly teaching them how to create website.

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