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New Web Design Software from BlueVoda

Web page design is an often-heard, much-hyped-about subject and several people are cashing in to make thousands of dollars using this subject. You too would probably wanted to have your own website done using some web page design, but without the hard biting on your wallet. You can relax as now there is web design software available that is painless to work with to meet all your web page design needs. We are introducing you to the FREE BlueVoda web design software, if you have not heard about it already.

BlueVoda is one of those rare gems in web design software as a whole bunch. It gets the job done, and it is so easy to work with that even a toddler can create web pages using BlueVoda. May be we are exaggerating this a bit, but you just need to try out this cool web design software for yourself, to get to know how professional and easy-to-use it really is.

You can now forget about the other bloated web design software like DreamWeaver, CoffeeCup, and FrontPage, since BlueVoda web design software is here. These other web design software set you back by several hundred dollars taken out of your savings. But you can get the same professional web page design done, without paying anything at all, by using BlueVoda web design software, for all your web page design needs.

BlueVoda web design software is probably the most easy-to-use and user-friendly tool for web page design available currently. Here you will find neatly labeled toolbar buttons that you can drag and drop onto the web page you are currently building. Then BlueVoda web design software generates all the required HTML code automatically without you even lifting a finger (you still have to have your palm on your mouse). If you need the generated code to be tweaked a little, you can do so by right clicking on the object and choosing the appropriate option from the menu that appears.

Thus you can use BlueVoda web design software for web page design easily and simply – just point and click at the buttons for HTML objects you want added on to the page you are building. BlueVoda is WYSIWYG web design software and it uses the familiar Windows operations of point and click, drag and drop, etc. So you need not learn any other special user interface concepts – just basic Windows knowledge is sufficient enough to work with BlueVoda for all your web page design needs.

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You can add any HTML/web object when you are using BlueVoda web design software for your web page design needs. You can have tables, forms, ad banners, guest books, flash files, Java applets, video clips, etc. all effortlessly, when using BlueVoda web design software.

The code automatically generated by the BlueVoda web design software is already highly optimized and standards-compliant, in contrast to the bloated code filled with unnecessary markups that are often produced by other web design software during the process of web page design.

If you need help when using BlueVoda web design software, you can access a video tutorials library for free that explains how to do the most common web page design tasks by using BlueVoda. If you still need more help, you can post your support query to the BlueVoda support forum on the web. This forum is moderated by the professionals who are behind BlueVoda, and there are hundreds of existing BlueVoda users who are members of the forum. They can help answer your support queries about using the BlueVoda web design software.

You also get free access to a library of HTML templates for websites. If you do not want to do web page design or are just plain lazy, use these free website templates for your web page design project, and you don’t even have to pay anything for commercial use and redistribution of these free website templates.

When you are done creating all your web pages using BlueVoda web design software, simply FTP them to the web host selected. This will be VodaHost, the parent company of BlueVoda who need to charge a nominal hosting fee to host your web site. This file-transfer functionality is built-in to the BlueVoda web design software, and complementary to its web page design functions.

BlueVoda web design software has many testimonials of several people who have used it in their web page design projects with success. You can also give some testimonials and feedback about how you feel using BlueVoda web design software for web page design projects.

BlueVoda web design software being free can sometimes appear too good to be true. But it really is totally free for personal and commercial uses. People new to web design are found to be able to get to speed with using BlueVoda web design software, within a matter of a few hours. There are many testimonials from BlueVoda customers praising the ease of use and user-friendliness of BlueVoda web design software.

If you don’t want to do some web page design yourself or don’t have time to learn using web design software, by all means simply use the free website templates that are available with BlueVoda. They are also free for commercial and personal uses.

When you achieve sufficient proficiency in web page design using BlueVoda web design software, there is the possibility for you to earn some extra cash money by helping other people create their own websites, using BlueVoda web design software. The extra dollars can go to help paying your bills in these times of economic turmoil.

You do not need to engage the services of a web consulting firm to do your web page design, and you need not pay hundreds of dollars to get web page design done. You can use the free BlueVoda web design software to get web site design done on your own and you can have some fun in the process.
You can use Paypal buttons in your website created using the BlueVoda web design software to allow payments from your visitors ordering your stuff online.

Get started now with using BlueVoda web design software – just visit the site, download the software and enjoy putting it to good use.

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