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To create a website takes a lot many efforts and finances, not to mention the hard work. Of course, there are many a web development companies available that could help you to create a website. But, how many of can afford their services to create a website? If you want to create your own website for your personal needs (for example a blog or a website to post family photographs) or for your small business needs (if your business is non-IT based, it would be one time exercise with a few changes now and then), would you be willing to spend $1000 or upward for it? The answer obviously is no. The budget to create a website is far too high here.

Major corporate entities and businesses that focus on selling over the internet either can well afford to use web development companies to create a website for them due to lack of time or if they feel that having the infrastructure in-house is not viable. Now let us take a look at what you would need to create a website in the traditional manner.

Assuming that you have a desktop/laptop computer with an internet connection, you would need the following to create a website:

a.    a html editor or web editor to make you web pages to create your own website (ex: FrontPage, DreamWeaver etc)
b.    an image editor to edit the graphics to go with the web editor in the effort to create a website (ex: Photoshop, Coredraw etc)
c.    a FTP client (ex: WsFTP etc.)

A professional html editor or web editor is a must to create a website and can cost anywhere around $500-$700 and an image editor could be in the same range. An FTP client would be around $100-$200. So, a total software outlay of $1600-$1700 is not ruled out for the web editor and other required software. Add to this the domain registration charges and the hosting costs annually; you could end up spending around $2000 in a bid to create your own website. All this to create a website for one time use? What is the ROI and what is the viability? Do not forget that you would need to spend considerable money and time to create your own website and probably go to a computer school to learn using the web editor, image editor and FTP client before you even begin to create a website. A cycle of six months can be easily assumed to create a website in such a scenario.

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Do you have six months to create a website? Do you have the energy and time to go back to school and learn the web editor and other ropes to create a website? Well. For a one off thing (single need to create a website), it doesn’t pay off. Why one-off, the only option being to approach a web development company and spend $1000 to create a website or to buy the web editor and other software. Let us check some arguments that come into the picture to create a website here.

Do you think a person putting up a blog spends $1000 on it, or do you think websites that are mushrooming by the day spend such a lot of money on each website? Well, actually no. What are you missing out on? What is it that you do not know to create your own website that they do?

To create a website in a seamless manner, there is another option – you can use the builder site software. Any builder site software is an integrated package that comes with a web editor, image editor and an FTP client all together that will help you create your own website easily with the built in web editor. Many such builder site software packages to create a website are available over the internet, some of them are free and some of the site builder software is offered at a nominal cost.

I went into a tailspin considering all the above when I wanted to create a website to help out my family strewn across the globe for sharing mails and photos. I checked all my options and came across builder site software called the BlueVoda site builder  software. In fact, I tried a lot of others to create a website before deciding on this one. This is because, it had everything built in – the image editor, web editor, ftp client and a direct access to the control panel. This builder site software was the easiest to use to create a website amongst all option that I considered since it has an inbuilt web editor. To top it all, this builder site software was entirely free, no time limits, no licensing and you can create your own website using its web editor and many more as you want to without ever having to pay for the web editor or anything else. You can create your own website using the BlueVoda builder site software, save on the domain name registration expenses and make it go live for a simple $7.99 a month. So much for cost comparison. The BlueVoda builder site software is the easiest to use by comparison to create a website. I have been there, done that, so you can be rest assured, you do not need to waste your time trying others while putting in efforts to create your own website.

Using the BlueVoda builder site software, it took me less than a day to create a website for the first time; it is so easy to use. When to try to create a website for the first time, you will need to check you way around and understand the menu structure before you can effectively use BlueVoda builder site software. The next time onwards, it took lesser and lesser time to create a website and today, after two years and twenty odd websites, it takes less than an hour to create a website on BlueVoda builder site software using its web editor.

To create a website using builder site software, there is no easier alternative to BlueVoda builder site software. Even my 12 years old child took less than a day to create a website for himself using the BlueVoda web editor and host it successfully. What more can I say? Get BlueVoda today to create your own website.

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